Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors | How to solve the symbol and number puzzles

by on February 6, 2023

The symbols in Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors are a confusing early roadblock. You’ll come across them after the initial prologue walking around Hogwarts itself, and you’ll probably work out for yourself that they are mathematics puzzles, but without any kind of key or guide, it’s as though the hardest puzzles ever in a game have put in this one.

Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors are actually quite simple, but there’s a manuscript page that ultimately makes the entire process easier. You’ll be faced with two sums, two wall dice (solutions), and a door. The sums are made up of question marks, numbers, and what seem to be mythological animals like a giant spider, or a three-headed hydra.

Again, you’ll probably work out that the solution to the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors lies in working out what numbers the animals represent. Thankfully there’s a hidden manuscript high up in the lofts that literally gives you the answers, because without that, it’s almost impossible to work out.

Where is the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors manuscript?

The solution, if you need it, is hidden in the rafters of Ravenclaw Tower. You’ll need to go up as high as you can and explore Hogwarts well. You’ll see lots of these doors on the way, but if you search the towers well, you’ll find the page randomly in a chest. It’s well hidden, but if you use the below picture and the mini-map location, you’ll find it with ease.

So how do I use the “key” to solve these puzzles?

Walk up to the door and hit Square (PS5) / X (Xbox/PC). This will reveal the sums you need to solve on a chalk board where the door should be. Use your reveal spell to locate the wall-based solutions, and then it’s just a case of solving the sum puzzle itself.

Put simply, each animal you see on these puzzles represents a number, as follows:

  • The old looking owl = 0
  • Unicorn = 1
  • Ram-like animal = 2
  • Three-headed hydra = 3
  • Owl on a perch = 4
  • Crab-thing with five legs = 5
  • Lizard = 6
  • Octopus – 7
  • Spider = 8
  • 9-headed Snake-thing = 9

Each door will have a number in the middle, surrounded by three smaller circles. The idea is to get the three numbers outside to add up to the number on the inside. The top sum is usually solved with the wall-dice on the left (sometimes you’ll have to search as they aren’t always directly next to the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors), and the bottom sum is on the right of the door.

Hogwarts Legacy | How to solve the symbol and number door puzzles

If the middle sum is 10, for example, and the three numbers outside it are 1 + ? + Unicorn, we can work out that the “?”, and thus solution, is the spider. We know the unicorn is work “1”, we already have another “1”, so we know we need +8 to get to the solution of 10, and we also know that the spider = 8.

Another example might be a centre number of 12, and the outer three may be ? + lizard + owl on a perch. We know the lizard is worth 6, and that the owl on a perch is 4, which gives us 10. But we need 12, so we then can deduce thanks to the key that the missing “?” animal is a ram-like one, as that’s worth 2, and 10+2=12. Simple!

What’s behind the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors?

So how do I use the "key" to solve these puzzles?

Ultimate, behind all of these doors is treasure. There will be harder sums that give you 2-3 treasure chests with loot or money inside, and some simpler Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors just reveal a chest with some clothing in. Either way, now you know how to solve them, they won’t be annoying anymore.