Hogwarts Legacy | How to solve the moth and flame puzzle

by on February 6, 2023

There are some interesting puzzles to solve inside of Hogwarts, and one of which requires a bit of muscle memory and a penchant for exploring. The moth and flame puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy is a bit more complex than some of the others, but it’ll reward you with a Field Guide page for your hard work. Here’s exactly how to solve it.

Hogwarts Legacy | How to solve the moth and flame puzzle: let there be light

When you find one of the circular paintings with nothing in the middle, you need to use Lumos on it to see a location close by where a moth is hiding. All you’ll need to do is stand in the viewpoint within the painting and look around to find an outline of the moth. Once you’ve spotted it, use Lumos again and it’ll fly around the light of your wand. Then, guide it back to the painting and stop casting Lumos, and it’ll settle within the painting. Once you’ve finished the moth and flame puzzle, it’ll reveal yet another Field Guide page for you to collect in Hogwarts Legacy.

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