Street Fighter 6 will feature Hikaru Takahashi on commentary

by on March 10, 2023

The roster of commentators for Street Fighter 6 is getting bigger and bigger as we get nearer the June 2nd release, and Capcom has just announced Japanese actress Hikaru Takahashi as the latest to join the ranks.

Takahashi joins the roster not long after Thea Trinidad was announced back in January, and we’re slowly getting more and more info on Street Fighter 6 as we get closer to that final date. The full roster has been announced now, with Cammy, Zangief, and newcomer Lily rounding them out, so it’s tricky to know what more we could get to see now, aside the story mode, perhaps?

Back to Takahashi, though, you can hear her in action in the trailer, below:


This brings the Street Fighter 6 colour commentary team up to a total of eight now, and while Takahashi is perhaps not as well known outside of Japan, as one YouTube Commentator said, “Capcom clearly knows their Japanese audience, I’ll give them that”. Takahashi has featured in a variety of TV dramas, while also featuring inn movies like A Living Promise, and last year’s Mr Osomatsu.

Myself and Sean Smith played the game last year, and it blew us away. Sean said “I feel as though even after little over an hour in its clutches, I could pen another few thousand words on Street Fighter 6, such was its impact. It feels like a huge step forward for a series that was, quite frankly, desperate for a reinvention and overhaul. To say that I am this impressed, this early in its lifespan, bodes extremely well for the future. I am already planning on treating myself to a shiny new arcade stick when this one drops”.

Street Fighter 6 is coming to PC, Xbox Series S|X, PS4, and PlayStation 5 on June 2nd.