Street Fighter: Duel is having a crossover with Devil May Cry 5

by on May 4, 2023

From May 11th, Street Fighter: Duel will have a crossover with Devil May Cry 5, offering exclusive rewards for new and old players.

For those unaware, Street Fighter: Duel is the mobile RPG version of Street Fighter from Crunchyroll, and this crossover will last from May 11th to May 24th. It’s not the first time another Capcom franchise has joined the mobile game, as there was recently a Monster Hunter collaboration as well.


Available via Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store (for Android users), for the “Devil Invasion” event. Here’s the key features:

  • Unlock the stylish and tenacious Dante, transform into a powerful demon and devastate your foes with massive damage.
  • Master Dante’s unique EX-move “Power Smash” and send the enemy’s front row scurrying behind the backline, adding a new layer of depth to combat.
  • Take on “Devil Invasion” tasks to earn “Demon Soulstones”, then drop by “Nico’s Store” to buy rewards like the “Strongest Demon Hunter” avatar.
    “The Agency” needs you! Explore the world and earn “Demon Stars”, a demonic currency Nico can utilize to power-up your fighters.
  • Exclusive rewards for new or returning players, including currency to pull and level up new fighters.

Story wise, Crunchyroll says that “The megalomaniac dictator, M. Bison is attempting to harness the looming tree’s dark power. Our heroes, Ryu, Chun-Li, and the World Warriors must stop him, but can they rely on Dante, the fashionable fighter that arrived upon a motorbike? Perhaps help is on the way!”

On top of that, Street Fighter II: The Animated Series and Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (something I wasn’t aware existed, and now want to watch) are also streaming now on Crunchyroll. Also, this news has got me thinking about what if Dante really did become a guest character in a game like Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter: Duel is available now for iOS and Android devices, and is free-to-play.