Sea of Stars demo out now for PlayStation, coming to Game Catalog on launch

by on July 26, 2023

Developer Sabotage Studio has confirmed that Sea of Stars will be coming to PlayStation Plus Game Catalog on launch, and also released a demo.

Revealed on the PlayStation Blog, Level Designer at Sabotage Studio, Philippe Dionne said that “We’re extremely excited to confirm that Sea of Stars will be joining the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog (available for all Extra and Premium members) on launch day, August 29. It’s incredible for us to imagine how many more players worldwide will experience Sea of Stars and join the conversation around our project”.

Dionne added “After working on this game that is so dear to us for five years, we’re now only a few weeks away from release, and we’re happy to share this moment with the PlayStation community”.


That’s not all, however, there’s also a free demo for both PS4 and PlayStation 5 available now, joining the Switch and Xbox demos (where it’s also going to be day one on Game Pass for PC and console). The demo is a slice of the game that doesn’t reveal anything spoiler-y from the main story. Dionne says it is “designed to give a hint of context but mostly showcases some gameplay systems and mechanics around dungeon crawling and combat. It aims to provide a sense of the tone and vibe without giving away major points of the journey”, adding that “It’s not exactly the final product, but we feel this playable slice represents what we are shooting for. We hope you will enjoy it!”.

We had a hands-off preview for Sea of Stars in 2022, and Lyle was instantly smitten with what he saw, saying “At the time of writing this I can’t think of a single game I’m more excited for this year, and in 2022 that’s a hell of a statement”, and while it’s now a 2023 game, the sentiment remains true.

Sea of Stars is coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on August 29th.