Goat Simulator 3 community competition is underway to design new gear

by on August 11, 2023

Coffee Stain has announced a community competition event for Goat Simulator 3, with the winner getting their designs added to the game. The competition is called Pilgor’s Prototytpes, and is all about making some new gear for “San Angora’s Next Top (Goat) Model”.

That’s not all though, as first price also gets a choice of prize, either a PlayStation 5 console, or an Xbox Series S|X. Two runners-up will get their prototypes added to Goat Simulator 3 as well, and all three will get a “Goat in the Box”, which is otherwise known as a deluxe version of the game that includes a plushie, as well as a Goat Kit that “contains bespoke items to allow you to live out your goaty dreams in real life”.

The idea behind the competition is that players enter via social media (using the hashtag #PilgorsPrototypes) and show off their designs for goat-based gear they’d like to see in the game. Coffee Stain says: “This can be any item – from a dazzling hat, to some shiny hoof boots – or a whole set of gear to give Pilgor a complete look. Designs can be solely decorative to stand out from the herd, or entrants are welcome to give their gear special abilities too – like a working jetpack! (Except not that, because Pilgor already has one of those)”.

Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North said: “We know the players that love Goat Sim 3, REALLY love Goat Sim 3 (possibly even more than us) so we want to offer a chance to immortalise some of their crazy ideas in the game. The crazier the better! That’s how we design everything, and it’s worked pretty well for us so far. Good luck to everyone who enters, we’re all very excited to see your weird and wonderful creations.”

Goat Simulator 3 is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.