PUBG patch 25.2 adds new features and weapon skins

by on August 30, 2023

The latest PUBG patch is 25.2 and has added new weapons, skins, and new features, as well AUG tweaks, and a new weapon system.

In PUBG patch 25.2, KRAFTON has added the Dragunov, a new DMR (designated marksman rifle). The developer tells us that “this high-powered weapon boasts exceptional damage and an impressive 500-metre effective range. Further enhancing its prowess, the Dragunov is compatible with all scopes, allowing players to tailor their approach”. The Dragunov can be found in normal matches, ranked games, custom matches, and the training grounds,


We’ve been listening to your invaluable feedback regarding the introduction of Dragunov, a weapon that was initially set to debut with a unique probabilistic damage system. Your participation in our recent survey allowed us to grasp your concerns regarding the probabilistic damage system and the fact that it might conflict with traditional skill-based gunplay. Our initial goal with Dragunov was to create a different gameplay experience and to add new excitement and unique elements to the usual game flow. But as we listened to your voices, we realized that this change might disrupt the core gameplay.

PUBG patch 25.2 also introduces a “tactical overhaul” for the AUG. After it being reintroduced as a weapon you can find in the world it’s inclusion had led to more wins and usage, so PUBG Corp has fine tuned it, “balancing its fire rate to 720 while fine-tuning the horizontal and vertical recoil”. This apparently means it’s more a weapon that is somewhere between the Beryl M762 and M416, which the dev says makes it a “balanced and competitive choice”.

The Progressive Weapon Skin System is also changing up with PUBG patch 25.2, as there’s a new skin called “Chroma”. This adds “vibrant hues and captivating effects”, and can also be added to attachment skins, loot crates, and kill feed frames. Lastly of note, there’s a new design for the BATTLESTAT Skin for “tracking cumulative kills and headshots”.

PUBG is available now.