Street Fighter 6 gets new fighter A.K.I. today along with other updates

by on September 27, 2023

Capcom has announced that new fighter A.K.I. has joined Street Fighter 6 today, and she’ll be available in the battle hub, world tour, and fighting ground: basically, in all modes.

In Street Fighter 6‘s world tour mode, A.K.I. will have master missions, while there’s also new NPCs being added, as well as new locations all as part of the update that comes alongside the new character drop. A.K.I. is the 20th master for Street Fighter 6’s world tour, which is the lengthy campaign mode that blew us away back when we first previewed it.

Elsewhere, A.K.I. has been added to arcade mode in fighting ground, and in Battle Hub there are goods as follows: A.K.I. Outfit 2, A.K.I. colours 3-10 and Street Fighter League avatar gear.


That’s not all, however, as the newest update also adds:

  • Support for Latin American Spanish in subtitles and other text will be added, making it the 14th in-game language to be supported.
  • Custom Room Display Settings have been added and Training Mode features have been expanded.
  • In order to mitigate unintentional Super Arts from being performed, the input recognition frame of certain Super Art commands have been shortened. Due to this adjustment, players must input their commands faster or the Super Art may not be performed.
  • Additional various bug fixes and adjustments

If you want to buy the new fighter, she will cost either 350 fighter coins, or can be purchased as part of the Year 1 character pass, or ultimate pass. You can actually test A.K.I. out for an hour, too, if you redeem a rental fighter ticket, which you can get as part of the fighting pass (battle pass, but for a fighter). You can see the new fighter in action in the previously released trailer, too.

Capcom also mentioned that Akuma and Ed are yet to come, while Rashid has also been added (as the first DLC character) not too long ago as well.

Street Fighter 6 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.