Lords of the Fallen | How to find the Blacksmith

by on October 12, 2023

Lords of the Fallen, the new soulslike from Hexorks and CI Games, is a pretty steep challenge. As with many games in the genre, you’ll need to give yourself every edge you can, including more healing items, better gear, and upgrades. One of the best ways to upgrade weapons, shields and bows is to use Deralium, a rare material found throughout Mournstead. But where do you actually go to upgrade? Well, first you’ll need to find the Blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen, and we’re here to show you how.

LOTF Blacksmith 1

Where is the Blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen?

Gerlinde can be found down the lift in the Bellroom, right opposite the Vestige. It’s the room where you first meet the Hallowed Sentinel Byron, the big guy with the shovel. You can’t activate the lift when you first get there, so you’ll need to proceed through the area heading right from the Vestige. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you find the lift that leads back to Byron.

Once you have access to the lift, it leads to the path towards a boss fight with Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds if you come out and go right. If you go left, however, you’ll hear the sound of Gerlinde’s hammer – as well as her grumbling and arguing with her “slave” Sparky, an ancient being of immense power that she’s somehow managed to shackle in magical manacles.

LOTF Blacksmith 2

You’ll see an item on the beams to the right of the ladder you first used to get down here and activate the lift. Walk along the beams and look down and you’ll see a huge cage in which Gerlinde is working. You can talk to her from above, and she’ll grumble about the key. You have to drop down and take out a few enemies.

There are two hounds, which are armoured so the first strike will always breka their armour and bounce off. There’s also a pretty tough corrupted crusader down here, who you’ll need to defeat. Once the enemies are dead, you’ll automatically loot the Prison Cell Key from the knight. Go over to the cell and give it to Gerlinde.

LOTF Blacksmith 3

It’s worth noting that there’s a locked door down here that you can open with the Pilgrim’s Perch Key. There are some tough enemies through it – including a Crimson Rector – but also the Warrior’s Claw, a very good amulet for melee classes that increases physical damage dealt and reduces physical damage taken.

Now where do I visit Gerlinde?

When you return to Skyrest Bridge, turn around from the Vestige and head up the stairs to the left where you’ll see Gerlinde working. If you bring her rune tablets, she’ll be able to apply Runes to your weapons for extra effects such as increased Grievous Strike damage.

LOTF Blacksmith 1

She can also improve your gear for a cost of Vigor and Deralium. It gets more pricey each time, though, so be aware of that. You can also trade with her for weapons, gear and runes. And now you know how to find the Blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen. Why not check out our other guides, or read the written review.

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