Lords of the Fallen | How to get more healing

by on October 12, 2023

Warning: This guide contains story spoilers for Lords of the Fallen

The latest game to enter the soulslike arena is Lords of the Fallen from Hexworks, a remake-cum-reimagining of the game of the same name released by CI Games and Deck 13 in 2014. It’s a pretty tough challenge, too, with a focus on exploration, dual-world travel and, well, death. As with many soulslikes, you have a limited number of healing items that must be upgraded and increased by finding rare items and visiting the right NPC, so we’re going to explain how to get more healing in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen healing

How do you heal in Lords of the Fallen?

There are three primary ways to heal. You can use Radiance magic, for one, but early on that will only really be available to those who start with the Preacher or Hallowed Knight classes. You can also use an item called a Briostone, which come in multiple forms and heal over time. These can be bought and found on enemies and are fine in a clutch situation, but they won’t heal you nearly effectively as the Sanguinarix.

The Sanguinarix is a holy cross blessed with the healing blood of the Hallowed Sentinel known Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. You’ll begin the game with three, and can’t begin to upgrade or incvrease the number until you advance past a certain point in the story.

Lords of the Fallen healing

How do I get more healing?

You must first find an item called a Saintly Quintessence, which seem to be located in specific areas. They aren’t given to you by bosses in the early game, and you’ll need to explore to find them. Once you have one, you need to take it to an NPC in the Hallowed Sentinels’ bastion at Skyrest Bridge.

Unfortunately, the NPC you need to visit is Pieta herself, which means you need to beat her boss fight in order to free her from her corruption. Beating her unlocks the entrance to Skyrest Bridge anyway, so you’ve really no choice. Once you’ve gained access to the hub, you’ll find Pieta to the left of the central Vestige.

Note that not every Saintly Quintessance increases your number of uses. The second one you find, for instance, increases the amount of healing done but not the number you carry. They alternate as you find more, so don’t expect an extra heal for every Saintly Quintessence you find.

There you go. Now you know how to get more healing in Lords of the Fallen. Why not check out our other guides, or read the written review.

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