Street Fighter 6 roster adds Ed today, new trailer released

by on February 27, 2024

Capcom has announced the Street Fighter 6 roster just got a bit bigger, with “psycho-powered boxer” Ed joining today as the 21st character. As usual with every new fighter for Street Fighter 6, Ed will be part of Fighting Ground, World Tour, and in the Battle Hub.

In the World Tour you’ll get Ed’s master missions, while Ed’s story has been added to arcade mode for Fighting Ground. Lastly the shop has also been updated to include “Ed’s Outfit 2” and “Ed colours 3-10”. Capcom says that “starting today, players can unlock Ed by owning or purchasing the Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Character/Ultimate Pass, or purchase Ed individually for 350 Fighter Coins which also includes his Outfit 1 and Colours 1 & 2”.


A Psycho Power-wielding youth aged up rapidly by Shadaloo’s experimentation, on a journey and a mission to free other subjects. He gets his short temper and foul mouth from Balrog, his former mentor.

According to his biography on the official site, Ed hates M Bison and needles, but loves Boxing, and landslide victories. Ed joins the rosters after Rashid and AKI, and we’ve still got Akuma to look forward to in the future.

In our review we scored the game 10/10 and said: “Without wishing to engage hyperbole too much, this is without question the best fighting game package I have ever played. It is almost too much at times, and is a gloriously overwhelming beast that it is way too easy to sink hours of your life into. Having a fundamentally rock-solid engine is one thing, but the fan service and sheer scope of what Capcom has done in terms of additional content mean that it will keep you going far longer than a one-on-one fighter has any right to be able to. It is the sort of game that when DLC is released, you would actually look forward to splashing the cash to extend the fight. A true classic”.

Street Fighter 6 is out now for PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.