Lego Fortnite vehicle building arrives with “mechanical mayhem” update

by on March 26, 2024

Epic Games has announced vehicle building is finally arriving in Lego Fortnite, via a new update called “mechanical mayhem”.

Players have been making their own vehicles since Lego Fortnite was released, but often they would end up with unforeseen situations arising, due to the “cobbled together” nature of the builds. With this update (V29.10, hitting today March 26th), Epic Games has made it possible to make vehicles and, interestingly, “custom vehicles” have new methods, too.

There’s the speeder, which the developer says is ” ideal for zipping from biome to biome. Unlock the recipe for the Speeder by adding a Power Cell (NEW!) to your inventory”. Then there’s the Offroader: “perfect for carrying around multiple passengers. Unlock the recipe for the Offroader by adding Flexwood to your inventory (usually found in the Dry Valley biome)”. The hauler is a heavy lifter, and you need Frostpine (from the Frostlands biome) to make that.


There’s a new vehicle parts section of the toys menu, and you’ll need specific items to build vehicles:

  • Power Center – The engine of your vehicle
  • Wheels – Turn in the right direction or give your vehicle an extra push
  • Seats – For your safety… and comfort

A new machine, a compost bin, has been added which lets you recycle materials into compost, and it turns resources into biomass, fertilizer, or soil. Epic says the “rarity of what it spits out will depend on what you put in, but you’ll need to create Biomass to unlock the Power Cell recipe”.

There’s also a wrench tool now, which you can use to “assign Switches and Thrusters to channels, which means you can control as many Thrusters as you’d like using three separate Switches, rather than having one Switch controlling everything. Unlock the recipe for the Wrench by adding a Wooden Rod to your inventory”.

The mode has seen other updates included with this one, which are mainly quality of life and visual improvements, like the ability to more easily see when your constructs have taken damage, and of course, there are more outfits being added, too.

Lego Fortnite is available now, and is free to play.