Monster Hunter Wilds trailer reveals systems, world, and more

by on May 31, 2024

It may not be coming until 2025, but the new trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds will get fans pretty excited about what’s to come.

Released during the May 30th PlayStation State of Play Showcase, Capcom unveiled a three minute video that showed story details, lots of gameplay, and some environments that’ll be in the game.

Check out the new video, below:


In Monster Hunter Wilds, players join the ranks of a special Research Commission team investigating the Forbidden Lands. Fully voiced for the first time in the Monster Hunter series, the hunter ventures into the unknown with their companions, including Guild-appointed handler Alma, their Palico partner, and a mysterious child. Monster Hunter Wilds features multi-dimensional biomes that can transform in unexpected ways. The first locale to be unveiled is the Windward Plains, a vast region encompassing harsh deserts, twisted rock formations, and swaying grasslands abound with life.

To help hunters meet the challenges that await in Monster Hunter Wilds, the beloved gameplay of the series has evolved with an arsenal of new features. Players will experience a seamless flow from story sequences to gameplay without interruption. To traverse this world’s sprawling environments, the game introduces Seikrets, a new type of mount. These nimble creatures can guide their riders to destinations and allow hunters to perform actions on the go, such as sharpening weapons, gathering materials, and wielding the slinger. Hunters can also swap to a secondary weapon with their Seikret, empowering hunting parties to adapt to the changing conditions out in the field without returning to base.

There will also be some bonus items you can get for Monster Hunter Wilds, if you played Monster Hunter World, and Iceborne, though curiously no Rise bonuses have been announced yet. In terms of those bonuses, you get the Felyne Leather Set (Palico Armour) and Felyne Acorn Spade (Palico Weapon) for linking Monster Hunter World save data, and the Felyne Duffel Set (Palico Armour) and Felyne Trekker Peckaxe (Palico Weapon) for linking save data from Iceborne.

Monster Hunter Wilds

Capcom does say that “all 14 of the series’ iconic weapon types return in Monster Hunter Wilds and have now evolved to include new actions”, and also added that “the game introduces brand-new systems, such as Focus Mode, giving hunters more precise control over aiming, guarding, and attacking monsters’ weak point”.

There’s also a new Hook Slinger, which “offers hunters additional abilities, including contextual actions and the power to collect items from a distance – even when mounted atop their Seikret.”

Monster Hunter Wilds is coming to PC and consoles in 2025.