Tales of Arise | How to get Gald quickly

by on September 8, 2021

The currency in Tales of Arise is Gald and is used to buy all manner of items from merchants as well as to pay fees to craft weapons and accessories. As such, it’s quite a necessary type of cash, that can quickly be in short supply if you’re not careful. There’s nothing more frustrated than not having the Gald you need for that new upgrade or to top up your Gels or Life Bottles. Luckily we’ve pulled together a few tips to get you making Gald as quickly as possible in Tales of Arise.

Complete the Tales of Arise Sub-Quests

One of the quickest ways to get Gald is to complete Sub-Quests. You can see in your Activity Log any outstanding quests and the rewards you’ll receive for completing them. Most will reward you with a decent chunk of Gald, and so are always worth pausing the main story to deal with. Most Sub-Quests don’t take too long to finish either so you can soon be earning thousands of Gald for just a few minutes of work. You can check on your Map using the Fast Travel mechanic to see where Sub Quests you haven’t started yet are located too, to make your life easier.

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Sell Commodity items

Tales of Arise Gald

When you go to any merchant in the game, it is always worth clicking on “Sell” right away. What will happen then is if you have picked up any Commodity items – that is items that serve no other use other than to be sold for Gald – the game will ask you if you want to sell straight away. Say yes, as it’s the most logical thing to do and you’ll instantly bank the cash. You can then also go on to sell any other items for cash which we’ll move onto in a moment.

Watch your stock totals

Most curative items have a limit to how many you can hold – sometimes 15. And when that limit is reached, the number will appear white in your inventory. At this point, you’ll be unable to carry any more even if you find more for defeating enemies or find them in item locations. This is inefficient, and so it’s recommended you sell a few of these items to keep your count below its maximum, meaning you always have space to pick more up. Don’t sell them all, especially those curative Gels, because you don’t want to run out of CP instead, but maybe sell a few so you have 10-12 on hand instead of fifteen. This is easy money that will likely be recouped as you find more items in the wild.

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Cook up more things to sell

Tales of Arise Gald

One recipe that will help earn you some Gald is Lohikeitto. You earn it as a reward for completing the Hard Liquor Sub-Quest. The buff for cooking it is that it makes enemies drop slightly more items. These items can then be sold as needed to add to your funds. If you make Kisara cook the Lohikeitto, you’ll add an extra minute onto the duration of the cooking effect. Make sure to maximise the time by fighting lots of enemies before it wears off.

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Use the Ranch and Fishing

Managing the Ranch means you can generate free meat ingredients over in-game time. The good thing is you can leave it to work and go and do something else and the game notifies you when food is ready. If you’re looking to make Gald then stick to the basic free Feed. Ingredients will be slower to occur but they’ll be pure profit.

Fishing is another method of making Gald. Fishing doesn’t just fill out your Fishing Notes, but also rewards you with the fish you catch. These can be sold if not needed in cooking which again just serves your bank balance.

Battle in the Training Grounds every hour

In the Training Grounds in Viscint, you can enter a Group Battle that is geared towards rewarding you with Gald, although indirectly. Under Group Battle, select Small Cash Prize, and you’ll see a battle you can enter that rewards you with 2 Grade 3 Silver Dog Tags. These Dog Tags sell for a combined 1,600 Gald as a Commodity Item. You can retry the battle every hour of game time, so it’s a nice little Gald earner on top of the other activities in Tales of Arise.