Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One tips and tricks

by on November 15, 2021

Frogwares’ ambitious new adventure game Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is great when you know what you’re doing, but it’s pretty easy to get lost in all the different ways to investigate your evidence. Whether you can’t work out where to go next or can’t seem to figure out who to ask about a suspect, this handy tips guide should give you a head start into what to do next in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

Look through your evidence

If you open up your case book you can look through all the evidence you’ve gathered, and some of them will have small red icons indicating that they need further investigation. Below is a list of what all of these icons mean, which should hopefully point you in the right direction.

Get chatting

Each symbol in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One obviously requires you to do something different, and some are more complex than others. Maybe the toughest are the ones that involve asking the citizens of Cordona about a subject. Firstly, to ask about a specific topic you MUST have it pinned. Talking to people without pinned evidence (or even worse the wrong pinned evidence) will get you nowhere. Talking to the right people is also important, so if you know where a character lives, what their job is or who they hang around with, it’s worth looking for those islanders who might know something.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One | Other tips

Here are a few more quickfire tips for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One if you’re still having problems:

  • Chemical analysis is done by simply selecting the evidence in your case book, you don’t have to travel anywhere specific to start the science
  • If an address is mentioned in a piece of evidence, you almost always need to find that address on your map manually and go there.
  • Reconstructing crime scenes can be a real pain, and unfortunately other than trying every combination of events, there is no easy way to cheese them.
  • There are three different archives to explore, and we have a separate archive guide if you’re struggling.
  • What disguise you need depends on the situation. Looking like a local worker will help you get into a building site, but turning up in a top hat will not. Experiment with the different clothing options and rent some threads for free if you’re struggling.
  • Jon’s challenges are completely optional, so don’t worry about beating them unless you’re a completionist.
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