Nobody Saves the World Guilds guide

by on January 18, 2022

During your adventures in Nobody Saves the World you can encounter three separate Guilds that you can join. These Guilds offer you unique Quests to try and complete. Some of them you wont be able to tackle right away as they will be in parts of the map you have yet to explore, but they stay on your Quest list until you have completed them. We’ve pulled together everything you would need to know about these Guilds below:

Nobody Saves the World Guilds

There are three Guilds in Nobody Saves the World, and they are the Knights GuildThe New Order of Wizards, and the Thieves Guild. If you want to learn more about each of the Guilds in detail, including where to find them and their Guild Quests, you can click on the links below:


Nobody Saves the World Knights Guild guide


Nobody Saves the World New League of Wizards guide


Nobody Saves the World Thieves Guild guide

Why should I bother with Guilds?

The first thing to say is that Guild Quests are completely optional quests, and aren’t necessary for the main story. You can actually finish the game without completing any of them. However, they are a source of extra quests and challenges you won’t find elsewhere. You’ll also gain XP for each Guild Quest you complete, meaning your character can Level Up quicker and gain better stats.

Ranking Up in Guilds

By handing in Guild Quests, your position in the Guild will improve and you will earn new title ranks within each one. For the most part these are purely for bragging rights. However, there are three Achievements linked to earning the top Rank in each Guild. They are:

  • Knights Guild: Grandmaster Knight
  • New League of Wizards: Grand Maester
  • Thieves Guild: Master Fraudster

So for those looking to max out their Gamerscore or simply get all the Achievements, Guilds are well worth your time. Click on the links above to find out more about each Guild and the Quests you need to complete to bag each Achievement.