Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairy locations Part 6

by on January 18, 2022

In the penultimate part of our guide on Mana Fairy locations in Nobody Saves the World, we’ll share another five locations of Mana Fairies. We’re up to Mana Fairies #26 to #30 now, so our Mana supplies are looking pretty healthy at this point. But given we’ve come this far, it makes sense to see this through to the end. Here are the next five Mana Fairy locations in Nobody Saves the World.

Mana Fairy #26

Mana Fairy Name: Pinkelino

General location: Deep Jungle

How to find

You’ll move east from Stonefish Village into the Firepit Mountain area. Go around the southern edge of Firepit Mountain (you’ll find a handy Fast-Travel point here too) and keep pushing east. Then when given the choice of north or south, choose south, which will take you into an enclosed area where the camera zooms in a lot. This is the Deep Jungle. Navigate to the northeastern corner of this area to find the next Mana Fairy.

Mana Fairy #27

Mana Fairy Name: Onion Pie

General location: Firepit Mountain

How to find

For this Mana Fairy, you will need to climb up Firepit Mountain. You need to approach the mountain from the west as this is the only way to begin. You’ll need to move east, and then north. Then hug the northern edge of the mountain whilst moving east, to find the Mana Fairy.

Mana Fairy #28

Mana Fairy Name: Trinkets

General location: Secret Trail

How to find

Exit out of the Stonefish Village area from the northwesternmost point. This will bring you into the Secret Trail. Turn into a swimming form and head north into the water. You should come across this Mana Fairy almost right away.

Mana Fairy #29

Mana Fairy Name: Knellie

General location: South Sea

How to find

This Mana Fairy is available earlier in the game technically. You could easily get this at the same time as Mana Fairy #9. However, the reason this is placed later is the higher-level enemies that roam the South Sea. You’ll want to make sure you’re strong enough to hold your own here so you don’t die. Enter South Sea from the north as before, and then make your way to the southwest corner. Here you’ll find a Mana Fairy and a lever to unlock a barrier shortcut.

Mana Fairy #30

Mana Fairy Name: Knellie

General location: The Sewers

Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairy 30

How to find

As you head into the Western Meadow Trail and into the Wizards Fingers water area, you will see two cave entrances. One is on the eastern side of the water, the other is on the western shore. You can enter on either side to be taken to The Sewers area. Here you will need to assume the Rat form to navigate the small tunnels. Work your way through the maze of tunnels, not forgetting to explore the north end of the maze for the next Mana Fairy.