Nobody Saves the World Guard guide

by on January 18, 2022

The Guard is the first human form you will unlock in Nobody Saves the World. It’s a decent melee all-rounder with decent attack and defence stats to start off with. As you Rank him up you’ll unlock some interesting options to mess about with, which give you more flexibility than what the Rat gave you previously. Read on below to discover more about the Guard form in Nobody Saves the World and tips to get the best out of him.

General Info

Form Name: Guard
Damage Type: Sharp
How to Unlock: Rat Rank C

Signature Ability

  • Sword Slash: A slashing sword attack. Restores +5 Mana. (Requires Rank F)


  • Bravado: 20% of attack damage is dealt as an extra Sharp attack while below 30% Max Health (Passive) (Requires Rank F)
  • Stomp: Knock opponents away with your stylish booties. Cost 30 Mana. (Blunt) (Active) (Requires Rank D)
  • Shield Bash: Hold: Block damage at the cost of Mana. Release: Deflect 30% of all blocked damage. Move Speed -50% (Active) (Requires Rank B)

Form Quests

  • Sword Slash I: Sword Slash baddies. Sword Slash deals Sharp damage 0/50 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank F)
  • Bravado: Kill baddies with Bravado’s +20% attack bonus. Bonus is active while health is low. 0/10 (10FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank F)
  • Sword Slash II: Sword Slash MORE baddies. Sword Slash deals Sharp damage 0/100 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Sword Slash I)
  • Sword Slash III: Sword Slash 3 baddies at once. Sword Slash deals Sharp damage 0/25 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Sword Slash II)
  • Mana Recovery: Regenerate Mana with Sword Slash. Signature attacks recover Mana. 0/300 (5FP, 25 XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Stomp I: Stomp Baddies. 0/25 (15FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Stomp II: Stomp MORE Baddies. 0/50 (15FP, 50 XP) (Requires Stomp I)
  • Stomp III: Stomp 3 Baddies at once. 0/25 (15FP, 50 XP) (Requires Stomp II)
  • Custom I: Dark Knight: Hit baddies with Dark damage. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Custom I: Dark Knight: Recover Mana with Horse’s Horsepower Passive. 0/40 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Shield Bash I: Hit baddies with Shield Bash! Hold to block damage, then release to Bash! 0/50 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank B)
  • Shield Bash II: One-shot baddies with Shield Bash! Bash damage increase with damage blocked 0/15 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Shield Bash I)
  • Shield Bash III: Kill 3 baddies in one Shield Bash. Bash damage increase with damage blocked 0/10 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom II: Sick Sword: Kill 3 Poisoned baddies 0/30 (25FP, 50XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom II: Range Attacker: Defeat baddies with ranged abilities 0/30 (25FP, 50XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom III: Protect and Attack: Kill baddies with both Sword Slash and Familiar damage. 0/30 (50FP, 50XP) (Requires Custom II: Sick Sword)
  • Custom III: Brave From a Distance: Kill baddies while Bravado is active. 0/30 (50FP, 50XP) (Requires Custom II: Ranger Attacker)

Nobody Saves the World Guard guide


The Guard is a solid form to use throughout your adventure if you prefer standard melee attacking. His signature Sword Slash has decent range and swing to clear multiple enemies and once and his base stats means he can take a few hits before getting into danger. His Stomp is superb for clearing out the area if you get surrounded and doubly useful for clearing Blunt Wards. Shield Bash can be useful but requires you to learn the range attack patterns of enemies when sometimes attack is the best form of defence.