Total War Warhammer 3 Daemons of Chaos guide

by on February 16, 2022

The Daemons of Chaos campaign is unique among Total War: Warhammer 3‘s solo offerings. Following on from the events of the Prologue, you’ll take control of a new Daemon Prince determined to rise above the other Chaos Gods and reap the glory of Ursun’s death for himself.

This faction has no technology tree, and no dedicated army or home city, and earns everything by conquest and daemonic gifts granted by the Chaos Gods.

Total War Warhammer 3 Daemons of Chaos background

Manipulated into a horrifying act by another, the Ungol Prince has given himself up entirely in exchange for the Ruinous blessings of all the Chaos Gods and ascendancy to Daemonhood. The newly arisen Daemon Prince shrugs off his mortal form to take on an ever-changing aspect more pleasing to his new patrons, who continue to war for his ravaged soul.

Now, it is the destiny of the Daemon Prince to command the legions of Chaos Undivided in waging eternal war against entire nations and immortal rivals, as he seeks a terrible vengeance on sovereigns and even gods. Will he claim the Mark of one master or forge a path that will bring him to utter domination, which even the Dark powers will struggle to harness?

Faction Specialities

Daemonic Gifts

Equip body parts and weapons granted by the Chaos Gods to customise the Daemon Prince.

Daemonic Glory

Ascribe glory to four Chaos Gods to be granted boons in the form of Daemonic Gifts and units

Total War: WARHAMMER 3

Faction Lords

The Daemon Prince

Legion of Chaos (Recommended first campaign)

Once mortal, the Daemon Prince is a great and powerful servant of the Ruinous Powers. Earning favour through acts of violent glory in battle, the Daemon Prince grows and mutates into a being of godlike power, forever bound to the whims of his dark patrons.

Faction effects

  • Access to all daemon units via Daemonic Glory
  • Reign Chaos: Inflicting damage with friendly Lords in battle will unlock random army abilities

Lord effects

  • Customisable via Daemonic Gifts: Equippable gifts are granted through servitude to the Chaos Gods
  • Access to gifts of Chaos Undivided: These gifts are not directly influenced by any of the Chaos Gods to allow you to represent Chaos and all its glory
  • Access to gifts of Khorne: These gifts push your prowess in battle to take on any challenger foolish enough to meet you in combat
  • Access to gifts of Nurgle: These gifts allow you to spread pestilence, suffering and decay to all those who would seek to cause you harm
  • Access to gifts of Slaanesh: These gifts enable you to become an agile hunter able to chase down any prey that chooses to turn its back on you
  • Access to gifts of Tzeentch: These gifts grant you the level of knowledge in the Winds of Magic required to change the tides of battle.

Starting on Map

Total War Warhammer 3 Daemons of Chaos Tips

Appease the Gods: The Daemon Prince is a warlike conqueror with little interest in developing a faction or putting down roots. Instead, he derives his strength by currying favour with the four Chaos Gods. By pledging glory to them, you will be able to recruit their units into your army, developing a diverse and multi-functional army unlike any other in Total War: Warhammer 3. Of course, you can always eschew the favour of others and build your own glory through conquest.

Beast mode: Unlike the other factions, the Daemons of Chaos have no technology tree. Instead of equipping universal trinkets, armour and ancilliaries, the Daemon Prince will recieve gifts from the Chaos Gods. These gifts come in the form of mutations that bring with them great power and buffs. They also change the appaearance of the Ungol Prince, though you’ll need to build carefully and avoid conflicting buffs and powers.

Go forth and conquer: There’s no need to worry about faction upkeep and researching new technologies. The Daemons of Chaos campaign focuses much more on amassing martial power and dominating your enemies. Mix and match daemonic units to acchieve unique and powerful compositions, then combine these with dedicated character builds to defeat your enemies.