The Quarry | How to keep everyone alive

by on June 10, 2022

The Quarry is the latest game from Supermassive Games, and like most of their recent titles, your decisions decide whether everyone dies or whether you keep everyone alive. In The Quarry keeping all nine counselors alive until morning will net you the Rough Night achievement. If you want to find out how to do this, then read on.

Keep everyone alive in The Quarry | Spoiler Warning

Please note that in order to detail the choices you need to make to successfully keep everyone alive in The Quarry, we will need to spoil certain parts of the story. So please only read on if you aren’t bothered about the story being spoiled, or we recommend playing through the story yourself at least once on your own before reading on. Either way, see below to find out how to keep everyone alive in The Quarry and bag the Rough Night achievement.


Pay attention to the tutorials

Throughout The Quarry you’ll be presented with a list of tutorials you can watch to clue you up on the different events that will happen, and what you need to do in different situations. The tutorial list is as follows:

  • Quick Time Events
  • Combat
  • Don’t Breathe
  • Evidence
  • Interrupts
  • Path Chosen

The key ones to understand upfront are the Quick Time Events, Combat and Don’t Breathe, as executing these incorrectly in the story can impact whether you succeed in keeping everyone alive. We’ll describe specific Interrupts and Path Chosen events you need later.


Pick the nice option when chatting to someone

It’s not always possible, but wherever you can try and pick the “nice” response when you have a conversation choice. More often than not this will keep most of the characters friendly with each other. This means they’re more likely to support each other and help each other out when they need it.

Story choices

There are multiple ways to play through The Quarry, and more than one set of choices can bag you the outcome of all nine counselors surviving the night. What follows is just one set of choices that will get them all out alive, although other choices may work too.

Be friendly to the cop

The Quarry keep everyone alive

This is the first thing you’ll need to do in The Quarry to keep everyone alive. Right at the start of the game, in the Prologue as Laura, make sure to be honest and polite to the cop who pulls you over. You’ll be seeing him again later and it’s important you’re on his good side when you do.

Choose the rotor arm

Whilst technically it doesn’t matter which way you sabotage the van as Jacob, the rotor arm, actually gives you the more interesting option later, and leads to a piece of Evidence you cannot find any other way. For more information on Evidence, check out our Evidence guide here.


Break into Cabin 10 as Abi and grab the toy

The Quarry keep everyone alive

Choose to side with Emma and break into the cabin to retrieve your bags. Then when you’re inside, be sure to find the abandoned toy, and take it with you.

Take the fireworks

As Emma when you unlock the safe in the store, you can choose whether to take some fireworks as well. Doing so will mean you can find them again later in the story and use them to escape capture.

Don’t go down the ladder from the floor hatch

When Ryan and Dylan go into Chris Hackett’s Office to charge their phone, they uncover a hatch by his desk, which has a ladder leading down when opened.

There’s no benefit to doing so, and you’ll actually damage the steps for others who may use them later.


Dive in to try and retrieve the rotor arm

As Jacob, when you hear Abi scream, you can choose to give chase, or jump in the lake. Jump in the lake to try and retrieve the rotor arm. When given another option, chose to grab the rotor arm again. Complete the QTE and you’ll find yourself caught in some barbed wire. Here you’ll also come across some Evidence you would otherwise miss. When given the choice, choose “Detangle” and you’ll free yourself and surface alive.

Earn the In the Nick of Time achievement and get the vial

The Quarry keep everyone alive

As Ryan, take the shotgun from Kaitlyn and go looking for Nick. To get there in the quickest time possible, you’ll need to take every shortcut possible and hit every QTE event along the way. Doing so correctly will bag you the achievement. Once there you’ll find a hunter is trying to drag him away. Interrupt here and call out to him. Then when then doesn’t work, you will need to shoot him accurately with the shotgun. Doing so will not only nab you Nick, but you’ll also acquire a small vial that the hunter drops.

At the Firepit, don’t shoot

When the group is around the firepit tending to Nick’s wounds, they’ll hear a rustling in the bushes ahead. But don’t shoot as it is Jacob returning from looking for Abi.

Search the bags before opening the trapdoor

As Emma, on the island, make sure you search the bags first. You’ll not only get some clothes, but some useful combat tools to tackle what is making the noise above you. When you open the trapdoor and come face to face with the monster, choose to use the Taser, and bag a new piece of Evidence for your trouble. You can use the Bear Spray later on in the escape to buy you some time.

Later as Emma, you’ll also want to choose “Reel Slowly” option twice, to keep the noise down to a minimum. It may feel counter-intuitive, but it will get her out alive.

Shoot Nick

This may seem counter-intuitive, but this is actually for the best. It is critical that when Abi has the option of shooting Nick with the shotgun, she does so. Failing to or missing will result in Nick jumping over and decapitating Abi rather gruesomely.

Inject Travis, don’t shoot him

The Quarry keep everyone alive

When Laura is free to investigate the Police Station, keep searching the upper rooms until you come across a locker, holding some syringes. Be sure to hide the syringe behind the brick in your cell that you freed earlier in the chapter. That way, when you’re patted down, Travis won’t find it.

Then later, when you fake being hurt, and he comes running in, complete the QTE to successfully inject him.

Ryan and Laura interrupts

When Ryan and Laura have found Jacob in a cell, under the Hackett House, there are a couple of interrupts that need your attention. The first one you do not want to interrupt, as it is about opening the cage, which is electrified, so not pressing anything will cause Laura to warn Ryan.

The second is when Laura notices the monster in the cage next to Jacob and wants to shoot him. You should interrupt this as it prevents Laura from shooting someone unnecessarily.

Free Jacob

When given the choice, Ryan needs to free Jacob for him to survive. If he doesn’t Jacob will die later on. To free him, you need to open cages #3 and #5. Each cage is unlocked by flipping two switches. You want to pick two switches that add up to the cage number you are wanting to unlock. So the easiest solution is:

  • Cage 3: Flip Switch 1 and 2
  • Cage 5: Flip Switch 2 and 3

Don’t remove the knife

The Quarry keep everyone alive

When Ryan gets stabbed by Bobby you are given the choice of whether to remove the knife or not. Keep the knife in your body, as that will slow the pace of the blood loss. Make sure to complete the QTEs successfully as Ryan too to keep him alive long enough to solve his blood loss problem

Let Laura bite Ryan

The solution to Ryan’s blood loss is a weird one. The restorative powers of the infection, mean him being bitten by Laura would heal his wounds. Make sure you accept Laura’s offer or no matter what happens later, Ryan will die of his wounds.

Shoot Chris Hackett

When things are kicking off after Laura has turned, you will have the opportunity as Ryan to shoot Chris Hackett. You need to do this to save everyone else long enough to progress the story. The combat window decreases quite quickly, so be sure not to waste time and use the flashlight to be sure of landing the shot.

As Max, stay on the island

The Quarry keep everyone alive

Now Max is cured, his safest option is to stay on the island until morning, as no other monsters can get to him there. Therefore he will survive no matter what. Swimming to the island will not work out well for Max.

Kaitlyn should run not wait

When Kaitlyn and Dylan are in the Lodge with Caleb, and he approaches up the stairs, it is critical that you pick “Run”. If you pick “Wait”, then Dylan will die at the hands of Caleb straightaway, even though Kaitlyn will be free regardless.

Head for the kitchen

Perhaps the most satisfying end to Kaitlyn’s night is the face-off in the kitchen with Caleb. You’ll need to nail a Don’t Breathe event to get to the right spot. Then you need to head for the freezer door. Use the toy (make sure Kaitlyn has interacted with it earlier) option to trick Caleb into running into the freezer and then shut the door behind him.

Let Ryan keep the vial

The Quarry keep everyone alive

Once you are on the trail of Silas, Ryan will offer Laura the vial of werewolf blood that he found when rescuing Nick from Bobby earlier in the night. Let Ryan keep the vial of blood, and he will smear it on his face. This will keep him alive for the remainder of the night

Raise gun and shoot Silas

The last thing you need to do to keep everyone alive in The Quarry is to shoot Silas. So, comply with the interrupt of raising your gun, and then aim and shoot the wounded creature. You will undo the remaining infections – most notably Nick’s – and now all the nine counselors are alive and uninfected when the sun rises.