Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui | How to live with the demigod

by on September 26, 2022

So you’ve already got Moana living with you in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you want the big, powerful, good-looking demigod to join you. It’s not difficult to get Maui to come live with you, but you’ll need some cooking experience to invite him into Disney Dreamlight Valley. We’ve put together this guide which will show you just what you need to do.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui | Return to Moana’s realm

You’ve already met Maui when working on getting Moana, so you should know where he’ll be. Standing on the grassy hill, Maui will be overlooking the sea. Fast travel to his Realm and go and talk to him. He’ll mention that he’s hungry, and he’ll be willing to return to the valley, but he’ll need three 3-star meals in return. Hopefully by now, you’ll already be somewhat familiar with cooking, but if not, you can check out our Ratatouille quest guide for some help.

Get cooking and return to the big guy

After finding the ingredients you need for the three meals, go and cook them on one of the many stoves found around the valley. Return to Maui and hand all three meals over. He’ll be ever so grateful, and then accept your invitation to come and live with you. Like many other characters, he’ll need a house building for him, so find a good spot by the sea, and build his home with some of the gold you’ve collected along the way. And there you have it. Not only is Moana now living with you, but so is the demigod, Maui.


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