Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel | How to unlock it and how it works

by on September 6, 2022

As you start to open up new areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it takes longer to get around the various biomes. With no way to run faster or ride a mount, it can become a little frustrating. Thankfully, a quicker way becomes available after completing a certain quest for Merlin. In our Disney Dreamlight Valley fast travel guide, we’ll tell you exactly how to unlock it, and how it works.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel: Friendship is everything

To progress through the story, Merlin dishes out a variety of quests to help you understand more about the Forgetting. He also provides quests that gives you new skills and abilities, and other useful stuff to enjoy your time with the game. One such ability is fast travel. After completing a handful of quests for Merlin, he’ll task you with reaching a friendship level of 5 with three of your villagers in a quest called ‘Friendship Is Everything.’ Mickey and Goofy will already be living in the valley, so you’ll need to bring one of the first three outsiders in by completing either the Moana, Wall-E, or Remy questline.

Once you have three villagers, spend time building up your friendships. Once you’ve done this, head back to Merlin and he’ll talk about a special green orb. Once you’re in possession of it (you’ll acquire it after finishing the quest), place it in the pillar within the Meadow. After doing so, head to the wishing well, also in the meadow, and you’ll have now unlocked the ability to fast travel. However, there’s a little bit more to it in order to be able to get around to other areas.

New areas, new wishing wells

When entering a new area (after spending Dreamlight to remove the wall of Night Thorns), there’ll be a wishing well somewhere in the vicinity. It’ll have the Scrooge construction sign located next to it. Once you’ve paid the required amount of coins, a new fast travel spot will open up. Each one varies in cost depending on how much Dreamlight you used to unlock the area, but you’ll find that coins will come rolling in the further you get. As pictured below, the well on the beach will cost 1,000 coins, but it’s worth it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel: How to fast travel

You can either fast travel from a well, or open up the map and press X/Square to bring up a list of unlocked wells. Just select the one you want and you’ll instantly travel to the selected well. Not only can you travel between wells in the Valley, you’ll also be able to revisit any Realms you’ve unlocked, so it makes a lot of sense to use it as you play through the game.

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