Escape Academy The Experiment Walkthrough

by on November 10, 2022

The Experiment is the fourth escape room in the Escape Academy DLC Escape from Anti-Escape Island by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy The Experiment Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 30 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 5/5


Decode the Wires

First off, head around the lift in front of you and interact with the lift panel on the far side, to call the lift. Take the lift down. When you try interacting with the console in front of you, you’ll realise it isn’t powered. Looking at the floor, you can see that power lines come out of it and head to two consoles.

Head over to the one on the far left, and you see a message on the screen

2, Left, Down, Left, Left, Left

Now if you look to your left, you’ll see a variety of panels with numbers and letters on them. Start with the number 2, and then follow the directions on the code above to get to more letters. You should get the code:


This translates into the word:


Enter this into the console like this:

[stu], [mno], [mno], [ghi], [ghi], [ghi], [stu]

And now power will start flowing from this console. Turn around and head to the other console, which has now powered up. Repeat the exercise again. This time the message reads:

4, Down, Down, Right, Up

Following the letters, this gives you the code:


Which translates to:


Which is entered like this:

[def], [mno], [pqr], [ghi], [ghi], [vwx], [def]

The main laser console is now powered up and the turret will be raised.


Distribute the Widgets

Head on over and interact with it. As you try and move it to shoot at the device, it will malfunction. You’ll receive a Troubleshooting Manual and you should Pin this right away.

Head on over to the laser, and you’ll see a locked maintenance box on it. Look to your right (near the first puzzle console your solved) and you’ll see a box you can open. Inside you’ll find Maintenance Key 02. Use this ion the lock to look inside.

Now you’ll need to use the Troubleshooting Manual to work out how you need to solve the next puzzle it tells you:

Top cog needs to equal 48
Middle cog needs to equal 19
Bottom cog needs to equal 24

The way you can change the values is by moving the five numbers, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. Not that on each cog there is a multiplier going from x1 to x6. So we need to use the five numbers, and the right multipliers to get to each total in each cog.

The solution is as follows:

Top cog: 7 in x6 slot and 3 in x2 slot

Middle cog: 5 in x3 slot and 1 in x4 slot

Bottom cog: 6 in x4 slot

This will reboot the laser console again. Interact with it and shoot the machine.


Tune the Satellite

Head back up the lift, and then head to your right, you’ll notice a console next to a locked door. The console displays parts of the same picture on the door. Some of them are lit up, some are not. Make a note of which are lit and which aren’t and replicate this on the locked door. This will cause the door to open. Proceed inside, and then use the lift you find.

Once down to this new section, you’ll soon realise, it’s the same deal, you need to power up the turret console again. To the left is a console with the colours and numbers as follows:

Red 1, Green 2, Blue 3

You will notice you can turn the dials below the colours and numbers, but it’s not clear which positions are correct. Turn around and on the other side of the room, you’ll notice a satellite dish with concentric circles on it filled with different colours. You need to use this clue to tune the machine.

The trick is the number after each colour. Number 1 refers to the central circle, 2 is the middle circle, and 3 is the outer circle. So looking at the satellite you need to note the following

Where is Red in the central circle?
Where is Green in the middle circle?
Where is Blue in the outer circle?

As such, go back to the machine and position the dials as follows:

Red: Right
Green: Down-Left
Blue: Up-Left


Fix the Gizmos

As before, interact with the turret console, and as you aim, it will again malfunction. Again you’ll receive a specific Troubleshooting Manual full of symbols on it. Maintenance Key 03 can be found in a backpack on the floor next to some papers and a uniform. Use the key to open up the maintenance panel on the turret.

Referring to the Troubleshooting Manual gives you a variety of conditions about the correct position of the seven shapes you need to rearrange. You can rearrange them by swapping any two at a time. The Manual gives you all the all the clues you need to find the single solution that satisfies all the conditions.

However, if you are struggling the solution is below:

Triangle, Semicircle, Broken Square
Two Dots, Cross, Two Triangles
U Shape

This will reboot the laser console again. Interact with it and shoot the machine.


Sort the Datums

Head back up the lift, and through the door, you unlocked before. Head to other end of the corridor to find a similar puzzle where you have to light up the correct parts of the picture to unlock the door. Do the same, and head through the door and onto the new lift.

Once down, you’ll know the pattern here, you need to power up the turret console. Head over to the far left, and you’ll see a console. Here you have to match up the dots to the background colours, by moving the dots up, down left, and right. It isn’t too taxing to do and shouldn’t take you very long.

Once you’ve done this, the turret should rise.


Reboot the Doodads

On the other side of the room is a trolley with a toolbox on it. Open it up to receive Maintenance Key 01. Head to the turret console, trya and aim it, and it will malfunction. You’ll get the final Troubleshooting Manual. Pin this to your Inventory. Use the Maintenance Key to unlock the panel on the back of the turret as usual.

You will see inside there is a message that reads:

Turn on all three Memories

And you will notice on your Troubleshooting Manual it also refers to Memory. Now head right to the table Doodad Analyzer. Here you need to select two Doodads and see what colour comes up (Blue, Green, or Red). Then refer to your Troubleshooting Manual to see what combination you could have just found.

The trick is to keep trying combinations until you get a Red colour on the Analyzer. This means both of those Doodads are Silos. From then pick one Silo and another new Doodad. If the colour turns Green it means that new Doodad is a Memory, and if it is Blue, then it means the new Doodad is a Battery. Do this with every Doodad to work out what each one is, either a Silo, Memory or Battery.

Once done, you should be able to deduce the following:

Memory Silo
Battery Memory
Silo Battery
Memory Silo

So you now know the positions of the 3 Memories. Return to the turret panel and turn these corresponding lights on to power up the turret. Shoot it again, and you will have escaped. Congratulations, thanks to our walkthrough you’ve finished The Experiment in the Escape Academy DLC.






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