Escape Academy Ventilation Infiltration Walkthrough

by on November 10, 2022

Ventilation Infiltration is the third escape room in the Escape Academy DLC Escape from Anti-Escape Island by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Ventilation Infiltration Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 25 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 4/5


Unlock the Tool Bag

Walk straight ahead and enter the ventilation system. You’ll notice three coloured wires on the floor in front of you. Look closely at them, and you will see that each colour has a different number of wires as part of it. The numbers are as follows:

Yellow: 7 wires
Blue: 4 wires
Red: 5 wires

You will need this information in a moment. Follow the wires, until they start splitting off in different directions. Follow the Blue and Yellow wires to the left, when Red carries on straight. Then follow Yellow straight, when Blue turns right. After a short distance, you will notice a turning to your left (the Yellow wire will carry straight on). In this dead end, you will find the Tool Bag.

The Tool Bag has a clue on it on a Post-It Note saying:

Wiring problem? Fix it yourself.

Then there is a padlock with the wire colours on it, in the order Red, Blue, Yellow. The correct code corresponds to the amount of wires each colour has. So the correct code is:

5, 4, 7

This will open the Tool Bag, and you will get the Screwdriver.


Access the Elevator

Now with the Screwdriver in hand we need to follow each wire to get to some new areas. The first area we want to go to is the Yellow Wire area. So turn around from the Tool Bag to face the Yellow Wire again, and then follow it to the left. Turn the corner to the right, then follow it round to the left again, and you will see it connect to the wall next to a grate. Above where the wires end, is a panel that you can use your Screwdriver on to open. Press the red button inside to open the grate and get into the room below.

Once you’re in the room, head to the far right-hand side. On a trolley, you should see a document. Interact with it to pick up the Quad Code Key and Pin it to your Inventory. This works as a decoder for the large Octagon in the centre of the room. Move over to it and inspect it.

You’ll see the light will pan around each segment of the octagon, revealing a blue and white combination. The Quad Code Key can decipher what each pattern translates to which letter. The first letter is indicated by a small black triangle (and is the top Octagon segment).

Using the Quad Code Key and patterns, you should be able to crack the code, but if you’re struggling, the code is:


Now head over to the code machine in the corner of the room, and enter this code, using the following keys:

[abc], [mno], [mno], [stu], [pqr], [mno], [jkl], [stu]

This will print out the Elevator Schematic. Grab it.

Next we want to head to the Blue wire room. So, follow the Yellow wire back until you meet the Blue wire heading off to the left. Follow it, and you should see it head into the wall on your right. Use your Screwdriver again, and press the button to open the grate.

Once in the room, you’ll want to search for three pieces of notepad paper. The each contain a clue to a code in this room. The clues are:

(1 of 3) The second digit is three times the first digit

(2 of 3) The third digit is one less than the second digit

(3 of 3) The first digit is three less than the third digit

Between these three clues, you should be able to ascertain the code, as there is only one solution. However if you are struggling, the code is:

2, 6, 5

With the code in hand, you’ll want to head to the near-right corner from where you entered, and you should see a brown crate. Input the code in there and it should open to reveal the Janitor’s Keyring.

Now we need to head for the Red wire room. From the Blue wire grate, head right, in the opposite direction of the Blue wire. Turn right, then left, and you should see the Red wire ahead of you. Follow it ahead, and then to the left, and you’ll see the grate on the wall to your right. As before, use the Screwdrive and press the button to enter the room.

In front of you on the far wall is the elevator, and to the left is a box with a green broken key symbol on it. It is locked with a padlock. Use the Janitor’s Keyring to unlock it. Now would be a good time to Pin the Elevator Schematic to you inventory. This is because it reminds you that the Call button is on the centre-right off the 3×3 grid you have just unlocked.

Your challenge now is to turn everything else off except for this part of the grid. As it opens, you’ll see everything is defaulted ON. So all levers apart from the one in the centre-right position need to be turned OFF. However, it isn’t as simple as flicking them off individually, because pulling one switch affects others. You can see which switches are also affected by the symbols that appear above each switch. They mean:

Cross: Also switches all diagonal switches

Plus: Also switches the switches above or below and to the side

Vertical Line: Also switches the switch above or below

So you need to flip the switches until all are OFF apart from the centre-right one. It is tricky, but follow these simple steps to get to the solution:

  1. Flip every switch once except for the centre-right switch.
  2. Flip every corner switch
  3. Flip the top middle, and bottom middle switches

This should leave you with every switch OFF apart from the centre-right one. Once done, head on over to the elevator, and interact with the panel to call the elevator.


Mandatory Break Time

Once in the elevator, take it to Floor 1. You will come out in Cubicle Confinement. This is essentially a room of desks. Firstly head to the first cubicle on your left, and pick up the Office Memo from the fax machine. We will need this later. Head to the right-hand side, and look in the second cubicle, which is Lilian’s, a Hypnotist. On her desk will be a Hypno Muzak CD which you should pick up. Now head to the far-left corner to spot Violette having a great time listening to music. So much so, that she doesn’t notice you.

Click to inspect her PC tower in the bottom left-hand corner. Use the Hypno Muzak CD, and Violette will drift off to sleep. Inspect her desk and you can pick up the Violette Key Card.


Play Foosball!

Now head over to the far-right corner, into Yusuf’s cubicle. You can see from the various paraphernalia, that the number 18 is key to him and he’s football mad. Let’s remember that. Head back to the elevator, and this time head to Floor 2.

Once on Floor 2, Laundry, head forward, and then to your right to see the Foosball table. Interact with it. You’ll notice for each row of players, we have two numbers, one to the left and one to the right. You’ll also notice an overall score at the bottom. You can then move the position of each player pole, either to the left, centre or right. This will change the total number at the bottom in the following way:

Left: Use the Left number
Centre: Use 0
Right: Use the Right number

And, what we need to do is arrange the player poles in such a way so that the total adds up to, you guessed it, 18. To do this you’ll want to put each pole in the following position (going from top to bottom)

Pole 1: Right (+1)
Pole 2: Centre (0)
Pole 3: Centre (0)
Pole 4: Left (+7)
Pole 5: Right (+2)
Pole 6: Left (+2)
Pole 7: Left (+3)
Pole 8: Left (+3)

This will make the total 18, and then from a slot in the Foosball table, you’ll be able to grab Yusuf’s ID Card.


Cleanup Duty

Head back towards the elevator, and on the floor next to it are a load of pictures. Interact with them to make them be put up on the wall. You’ll notice all of the pictures are of employees and they all have an employee number below them. What you will also notice is that each picture slot also has a four digit number, although some of the digits are obscured. It’s your job to put the right picture in the right place, so that all pictures match the codes.

When a picture is in a slot that doesn’t match the light next to the code will be red. When it is a match it will turn blue. But note, just because it turns blue, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in the right place, just that it works. But there could be two employees that match a particular slot. However there is only one solution where each picture goes in a slot and all lights turn blue.

This solution is, as you look at it:

#4725 #6753 #6953 #4913 #4712
#4953 #6712 #4713 #4912 #6912

You won’t receive an item for this, but what we have done is matched the employee numbers to the employee names. Now pin the Office Memo to your inventory. You’ll see it says:

Only employees #4713, #6912 and #4953 are allowed in the laundry room.

And you m,ust enter and exit the room together

Now if you cross-reference the numbers with the pictures you have just sorted, you’ll realise that these three employee numbers correspond to:

Yusuf, Violette and Hachiro

We already have two of those ID Cards, now we just need to find Hachiro’s. Head back down to Floor 1 and head right to the back in the middle to find Hachiro’s cubicle. Interact with the desk to find Hachiro’s ID Card. Then return to Floor 2.

Now head to the card reader on the far right wall and place Yusuf’s ID Card, Violette’s ID Card, and Hachiro’s ID Card into the slots, it doesn’t matter which slots. Once you have done so, the door will open. Head inside and grab the Scientist Costume in front of you. With this in hand, return to the Elevator and head to Floor 3.

Exit the Elevator and approach the doors at the end of the corridor. When prompted, use your Scientist Costume, and after a short cutscene, you will have escaped. Congratulations, thanks to our walkthrough you’ve finished Ventilation Infiltration in the Escape Academy DLC.