Overwatch 2 and Hearthstone skins, Wolfenstein: The New Order headline Prime Gaming April

by on March 30, 2023

Prime Gaming April is getting some Blizzard titles in on the action, with Overwatch 2 and Hearthstone skins, as well as the free games.

Let’s kick things off by letting you know which games you can claim for free just by being an Amazon Prime member, and thus being able to partake of the Prime Gaming April freebies.

Here’s the official list, with dates, how you access them, and the descriptions from Prime Gaming itself. We’ve broken the list up into the first half of the month, and second, with the sizzle reel from Amazon in between, for ease of reading.

  • April 6: Wolfenstein: The New Order [GOG Code] – Experience an exhilarating action-adventure in this first-person combat title with a deep narrative.
  • April 6: Ninja Commando [Amazon Games App] – Fight, shoot, use ninja tricks and death blows to protect history from death merchants planning to unleash chaos on the world.
  • April 6: Art of Fighting 3 [Amazon Games App] – Battle it out with various fighters using the ultimate KO system and other mechanics in this tangential side-story of the Art of Fighting series.
  • April 13: The Beast Inside [GOG Code] – Experience real terror through combating enemies and solving riddles in this story of long-buried secrets, personal tragedies and madness.
  • April 13: Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition [Amazon Games App] – Build a party of Dungeons & Dragons heroes and explore the frozen tundra in this retro fantasy adventure.
  • April 13: Crossed Swords [Amazon Games App] – Use weapon attacks, magic attacks and your defensive ability as you make your way through seven intense stages to defeat the demon Nausizz.
  • April 13: Ghost Pilots [Amazon Games App] – Fly an old-fashioned seaplane and fight an intense battle against a mysterious combat unit in this shooting game.


  • April 20: Beholder 2 [Amazon Games App] – Take on the role of an intern at the central ministry to work your way up the ladder or turn against the state and expose corruption. The decision is yours to make!
  • April 20: Terraformers [Amazon Games App] – Explore the red planet, develop spectacular cities, spread life and terraform the planet with ambitious projects in this expansive turn-based colony builder.
  • April 20: Metal Slug 4 [Amazon Games App] – Join brand new characters, Trevor and Nadia and use the new items effectively to get the highest score with the new metallish system.
  • April 20: Ninja Masters [Amazon Games App] – Play as the main hero, Sasuke, on his quest to kill Nobunaga and end his reign of terror and war in this ninja-themed competitive fighting game.
  • April 27: Looking for Aliens [Legacy Games Code] – Prove the existence of alien civilizations as you find clues about them on Earth, the moon and the edges of the galaxy.
  • April 27: Grime [Amazon Games App] – Crush foes with living weapons that mutate form and function in this fast and unforgiving action-adventure RPG.
  • April 27: Sengoku [Amazon Games App] – Use your power as a feudal lord to unite the land of the rising sun under an iron fist.
  • April 27: Magician Lord [Amazon Games App] – Play as the magician Elta who is on a journey to save the world from Gal-Agiese, who came back to life once again in this side-scrolling action game.

One of the other biggies is the fact that Blizzard is joining the Prime Gaming April lineup by adding Overwatch 2, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft goodies to the list, as follows:

  • Overwatch 2 – Until April 20, Prime members can claim the Junkrat Circus Epic skin
  • Hearthstone – Until April 19, Prime members can claim a Random Standard Epic card
  • World of Warcraft – Until April 27, Prime members can claim the Big Battle Bear mount

As always, there’s plenty of Candy Crush extras, Riot Games addons (League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and VALORANT items), and there’s even some titles for Amazon Luna. You can find out more about Luna, as well as this month’s offers, here.