Remnant 2 | How to beat the Primogenitor

by on July 23, 2023

The Primogenitor in Remnant 2 is the boss of the Hatchery Dungeon found in The Phantom Wasteland of N’Erud. You may not encounter it in a standard campaign playthrough, although it may sometimes be thr route you need to take to collect one of the Seeker’s Keys and to reach the Timeless Horizon area. It’s a pretty tough fight, especially early on, but luckily we’ve taken it down. Read on for our guide to defeating the Primogenitor in Remnant 2.

The boss arena

The Primogenitor is found in the deepest area of the Hatchery, surrounded by alien space crabs. The boss itself is remarkably small compared to other bosses in Remnant 2, and is actually a glowing blue space crab smaller than the Handler’s dog. However, the arena is full of giant creatures resembling Tardigrades, which it will occasionally assume control of. This makes the whole arena incredibly dangerous, especially if you roll off the main platform and find yourself in the more confined space below. If you do, climb back up and reposition yourself near a wall.

Remnant 2 Primogenitor

The Primogenitor’s attacks

While in control of one of its huge flying hosts, the Primogenitor will spit balls of cursed matter at you, inflicting Curse Blight if you stand around too long. It can’t be harmed in this state, and all you’ll do is kill the host. This is necessary though, as it will force the Primogenitor out. Once loose, it will attack you directly by leaping at you like a facehugger from Aliens. If it latches on it will deal damage and knock you down.

It will also spawn an absolute ton of adds, all small versions of the space crabs you’ve been fighting to get here. They will jump on you, slowing you and inflicting Curse build-up. Roll to remove them. Ideally you need an automatic weapon with a decent sized mag, or a heavy melee weapon. Clear them out, keep moving, and focus on the boss’s host to force it out.

Remnant 2 Primogenitor

It’s a bug hunt

Once the Primogenitor is loose, focus all your fire on it. It’s very fast, very small, and so anything that sprays or deals AoE damage is handy. Fire works incredibly well against the Primogenitor and its adds. If you’re inflicted with Curse, remove it quickly as it will remove a chunk of your health bar.

The boss doesn’t have a great deal of health, but it’s an incredibly annoying fight nonetheless. Keep moving and swatting the bugs, and you’ll evenutally defeat it, earning a Trait point and the Cracked Shell crafting material.

There you go, now you know how to take down the Primogenitor in Remnant 2.




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