Tekken 8 demo released for PlayStation 5

by on December 15, 2023

Bandai Namco has announced a demo for Tekken 8 has been released for PlayStation 5, offering quite a bit of content to try.

Obviously you won’t get to experience the full roster of characters Tekken 8 has to offer, but you will be able to play versus mode with Jin, Kazuya, Paul, and Nina, so some of the series favourites. You can play versus mode with those characters on the available stages for the PS5 demo, which are Urban Square (evening), Yakushima, and Sanctum.

There’s plenty more to get into with the demo, but first lets have a look at the new trailer showing off the Tekken 8 story.


After Heihachi’s defeat, the world has gone into chaos with Kazuya wreaking havoc with his G Corporation. Jin Kazama, his son and wielder of the Devil Gene, is the only one that can stop him. The Dark Awakens tells this epic fight with dynamic cinematics and sequences smoothly changing between cutscenes and battle.

Back to the demo, then, you’ll be able to play Story chapter one, which is called “The Dark Awakens”. There’s also Arcade Quest chapter one, which Bandai Namco says that “content is adjusted for the demo version”. There’s also Super Ghost Battle, and a Gallery with highlighted cut-scenes from Tekken up to Tekken 7.

Speaking of Tekken 7, Chris loved that when it was released, scoring it 8.5/10 and saying “Tekken 7 has a fantastic combat system, using a straightforward system to implement lots of combos, and the new features such as Rage Arts help to change battles when it feels you’re done for. The Story Mode is pretty short, and the online servers are currently broken, but once they’re sorted, Tekken 7 will be one of the best fighting games out there”.

Tekken 8 is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X on January 26th, 2024.