11 bit studios announces two new Frostpunk books

by on June 21, 2024

11 bit studios has revealed two new books for the Frostpunk series which are coming to Kickstarter later this year. This news also comes with a further announcement, because the publisher (and developer) has opened a merch store as well, today.

The books are both curated by sci-fi author and futurologist Jacek Dukaj. The first book “Tales from the Frostland” features works by Jakub Nowak, Robert M. Wegner, Janusz Cyran, and Anna KaƄtoch. The second is an artbook called “Aesthetics of Desolation: Design and Art of Frostpunk”, and will be part of the same Kickstarter as the first one, featuring work curated by the directors of the game. The team says that it “features never-seen-before art, and never-before-told insights about the design process that guided the creation of world in Frostpunk and Frostpunk 2.”


Jakub Stokalski, Frostpunk 2 Game Director and Design Director said: “Working on Frostpunk always entailed two main aspects: crafting its believable world and creating an engaging game in it. It boasted a fresh and bold art direction, yet remained faithful to the story and gameplay. It wove a narrative that was non-linear and focused on gameplay, conveyed through the unique language of video games that is still being explored. It was an exhilarating creative journey but also the challenging labor of a complex project in a volatile industry. This book mirrors that experience. It tells the story of art and design, inseparable yet distinct; where design and art each feed into each other to create a truly unique experience. It chronicles the creative journey amid the daily grind of practical challenges. Ultimately, it’s a tale of world-building.”

11 bit studios has so much going on right now, and not just Frostpunk and Frostpunk 2 related, either. The Alters has a demo, and is due this year, but there’s also Creatures of Ava, which just got a release date announcement.