House of Ashes | Secrets 21 – 30


Here we will list where to find Secrets 21 – 30 in House of Ashes. Please note this numbering system is based on the game’s numbering of the Secrets, which isn’t necessarily the order in which you will find them in the game. To use this guide you should look for which numbers you are missing and refer to them here.


Please do not read on unless you have finished House of Ashes at least once or are not bothered about the plot or key events being spoiled. In order to provide the information required to find secrets, we’ll need to go into certain details that spoil the story at various points. You have been warned.

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Secret 21 – Star Map

After you have repaired the generator a second time, Nick and Jason will go down a new hallway. At the junction go straight on and prepare for a QTE to avoid a tripwire. Doing so will mean you can access the secrets in this room. On the far wall on top of a crate is a circular object, pick it up and look at the back to find the secret.

Secret 22 – Finds Catalog

As you control Nick for the first time in the Chasm, there are plenty of secrets you can uncover. The first one is to the right as you face the chasm from where you start. It is a book resting on a crate near the edge of the Chasm. Interact with it and turn the pages to unlock the secret.

Secret 23 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 4

When Nick and Jason begin exploring the Catacombs, make your way left around the circular room, and you will see another journal entry on the floor that you can inspect.

Secret 24 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 1

House of ashes secrets 21 - 30

With the generator lights back on it is easier to explore the tents in the generator room. Explore the tent without the radio in it first. On the far right as you enter is a piece of paper. Inspect it to be treated to a short video from the archaeologist Randolph Hodgson.

Secret 25 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 6

As you control Nick for the first time in the Chasm, there are plenty of secrets you can uncover. After you have grabbed all the secrets on the right-hand side of the chasm, now turn to the left-hand side, near where the radio is. Before you go towards the radio, investigate the small path to the left of the radio tent. Here you will find the next part of Randolph’s journal.

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Secret 26 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 8

As Salim, in the archaeologists’ cells, you can find this secret. It is on the floor of the second cell on the right. Enter the cell, and you will find it on the floor, as the next piece in Randolph’s journal.

Secret 27 – Fossilized Lifeforms

House of ashes secrets 21 - 30

Once Jason and Salim have completed the stealth section in the demon’s nest where they have to avoid the popping vines, they will drop down to a new section. Once you have control again, move straight forward in the direction the camera is facing. You will see some skeletons on the floor that you can inspect for this secret.

Secret 28 – Parasite Notes

House of ashes secrets 21 - 30

In the archaeologists’ cells, you can find this secret on a desk in the centre of the room. You will need to get around the other side of the desk to actually interact with it. You will need to move the mug away first to find the secret.

Secret 29 – Holed Stone

As Salim, after you have fought off a demon, you will be in a tunnel. Use your lighter to see. About halfway through the tunnel you will see a light indicating an item you can pick up, do so and examine the back to nab this secret.

Secret 30 – Black Onyx

House of ashes secrets 21 - 30

The final secret in the archaeologists’ cells is this secret. Before you interact with the cell door that will progress the story, look to the right of that door. You will see a small pathway you can walk down. At the end you will see a box on the floor, and inside is the Black Onyx secret.

And that’s it, you have now collected Secrets 21 – 30 in House of Ashes!

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