House of Ashes | Secrets 1 – 10


Here we will list where to find Secrets 1 – 10 in House of Ashes. Please note this numbering system is based on the game’s numbering of the Secrets, which isn’t necessarily the order in which you will find them in the game. To use this guide you should look for which numbers you are missing and refer to them here.


Please do not read on unless you have finished House of Ashes at least once or are not bothered about the plot or key events being spoiled. In order to provide the information required to find secrets, we’ll need to go into certain details that spoil the story at various points. You have been warned.

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Secret 1 – Bandit Briefing

House of ashes secrets 1 - 10

The first of the Secrets in House of Ashes is the first one you come across in the game. As Eric, when you’re charged with surveying the briefing room, look out for a desk with a document that has a mug over it. Move the mug to discover this first secret.

Secret 2 – Mythology Book

As Salim, when you are exploring your house looking for Zain, enter Zain’s room. On the other side of the room (before you inspect the bed) look at the desk. There you will discover the “Mesapotomian Mythologies” book. Open it and then turn the page with the right stick to reveal this secret.

Secret 3 – Expedition Map

As Nick, when you’re in the Chasm and are looking at trying to fix the radio. Before you interact with the radio, look past it to the right. You will see a desk amongst some crates. On the desk is another document with a mug on it. Remove the mug to reveal the Expedition Map.

Secret 4 – Pocket Watch

As Jason and Salim move past the Cocoon secret, you will come across a body on the left-hand side slumped up against the wall. You can investigate it but it won’t yield a secret. However, just beyond the body is a Pocket Watch on the floor that can be examined to discover the next secret.

Secret 5 – Staked Woman

When Nick and Jason begin exploring the Catacombs, you will find a woman’s body on the floor in the circular room with a stake in her. Inspect it to uncover this secret.

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Secret 6 – Bloodless Corpse

House of ashes secrets 1 - 10

When Nick and Jason begin exploring the Catacombs, make your way right around the circular room, and you will see a body on the floor that you can inspect. Make sure you hover over its neck area to uncover the secret.

Secret 7 – Gas Mask

As Jason, when you are investigating the shepherd’s hut, you can find this one in the second hut when you’re asked to follow Rachel there. As you enter the hut, turn left into a side room rather than going down the hallway. You will find the Gas Masks in a pile in the corner.

Secret 8 – Science Notes

House of ashes secrets 1 - 10

As you progress into the second part of the Pit with Rachel (after she grabs a torch and climbs through a gap in a structure to progress), keep your eyes peeled. When you get to an area where you notice a green hue in the distance and what appears to be a large wheel, look to the right of that. You will notice a piece of paper on the side of the blood liquid which you can review.

Secret 9 – Vampire Speculations

As you control Nick for the first time in the Chasm, there are plenty of secrets you can uncover. The next one after the Battle Tablet is further to the right, almost at the edge of the chasm. It is a piece of paper on another crate. Interact with it and turn the pages to unlock the secret.

Secret 10 – Cocoon

House of ashes secrets 1 - 10

After you’ve located the Finds Ledger as Jason, turn around and move away from the elevator down the intended path. A short way ahead to the right you’ll see a tall cocoon structure. Investigate it to uncover this unnerving secret.

And that’s it, you have now collected Secrets 1 – 10 in House of Ashes!

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