House of Ashes | Secrets 11 – 20


Here we will list where to find Secrets 11 – 20 in House of Ashes. Please note this numbering system is based on the game’s numbering of the Secrets, which isn’t necessarily the order in which you will find them in the game. To use this guide you should look for which numbers you are missing and refer to them here.


Please do not read on unless you have finished House of Ashes at least once or are not bothered about the plot or key events being spoiled. In order to provide the information required to find secrets, we’ll need to go into certain details that spoil the story at various points. You have been warned.

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Secret 11 – Plastic ID Card

When you take control of Rachel in the Pit, as you begin to walk forward and disturb the blood water, you’ll notice a shining item on the left not far along the path. Investigate it to reveal the secret.

Secret 12 – Cuneiform Tablet

House of ashes secrets 11 - 20

In the main room with the generator there are plenty of collectibles. This one can be found on a crate near the wall. It might be easier to spot with the generator running later in the story.

Secret 13 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 2

After you have repaired the generator a second time, Nick and Jason will go down a new hallway. At the junction go straight on and prepare for a QTE to avoid a tripwire. Doing so will mean you can access the secrets in this room. On the floor ahead of you after the cutscenes is the second part of Randolph’s journal.

Secret 14 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 3

This is found whilst Nick and his companion are searching for Joey after hearing voices. They discover a large patch of blood and get worried. Immediately after this, turn right and you will see a Journal entry, which you can interact with.

Secret 15 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 9

House of ashes secrets 11 - 20

Just slightly further down the path from where you found the Pocket Watch, you will find another note on the left-hand side. Upon inspection, you will see it is the latest part of Randolph’s journal.

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Secret 16 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 7

After finding the Ritual Tablet, look to the right of the sarcophagus. On the floor near the far wall on the right, you will see the latest page from Randolph’s journal.

Secret 17 – Pagan Effigy

House of ashes secrets 11 - 20

When the marines are questioning the shepherds in their huts, their gaze will be drawn to a Pagan Effigy hanging from the ceiling. As Jason, select the “Curious” option when prompted to investigate. Turn over the Pagan Effigy to reveal this secret.

Secret 18 – Pazuzu

When Eric and Rachel find themselves in the room with the big hole in the floor (after they have straddled around the door), you are free to explore. On the floor in front of you is a Pazuzu statue, that when you investigate, Rachel will tell you more about.

Secret 19 – Creature Life Cycle

House of ashes secrets 11 - 20

In the Star Chamber, you will see a large noticeboard towards the back of the area, by the water. As Rachel, go towards it and inspect it. You will need to push back the folding-down corner to be able to read it. When you do you will uncover this secret.

Secret 20 – Creature Features

Once the generator is back up and running, as Rachel, explore the far end of the room, the end with the big statue in it, not the one with the doors. Behind the statue is a secret doorway to the right leading to a corridor and then another room. In the room to the right is a desk, pick up the picture on it and look at the back of it.

And that’s it, you have now collected Secrets 11 – 20 in House of Ashes!

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