House of Ashes | Secrets 31 – 40


Here we will list where to find Secrets 31 – 40 in House of Ashes. Please note this numbering system is based on the game’s numbering of the Secrets, which isn’t necessarily the order in which you will find them in the game. To use this guide you should look for which numbers you are missing and refer to them here.


Please do not read on unless you have finished House of Ashes at least once or are not bothered about the plot or key events being spoiled. In order to provide the information required to find secrets, we’ll need to go into certain details that spoil the story at various points. You have been warned.

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Secret 31 – Cylinder Seal

When Jason and Nick are exploring the Catacombs, after the circular room you will enter a small corridor. On a box to the left you will find this next secret to pick up and examine.

Secret 32 – Curse of Akkad

In the main room with the generator there are plenty of collectibles. This one can be found on a desk near to where you find the tape to help repair the generator. It might be easier to spot with the generator running later in the story.

Secret 33 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 5

Progress further into the Pit as Rachel. You will see a small island of blood and bones protruding from the ground. Walk around the side of it, and then on the other side, you will fin the next part of Randolph’s journal.

Secret 34 – Expedition Members

On the left hand side of the tent after discovering Randolph’s Journal – Part 1, you will find a photograph of the Expedition members. Look on the back of it to unlock the secret.

Secret 35 – Aline’s Letter

House of ashes secrets 31 - 40

Before you look to use the radio after the generator is fixed, look to the right of the radio to find a document underneath a mug. Move the mug out of the way to read this new secret.

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Secret 36 – Randolph’s Journal – Part 10

House of ashes secrets 31 - 40

When the team gets into the Star Chamber, and you get control of Rachel, you can discover a few more secrets. Firstly investigate the left hand-side of the central Star Chamber unit. There you will find a desk with the tenth and final part of Randolph’s journal on it.

Secret 37 – Ruptured Skull

House of ashes secrets 31 - 40

As Jason and Salim progress even further into the demon’s underground nest, you will eventually come to a circular area, where you can either go around the left or right-hand side. Choose the right-hand side, and then near a statue on the edge of the circle you will see a secret on the floor you can inspect.

Secret 38 – Alien Parasite

House of ashes secrets 31 - 40

For this secret you need to ensure Eric is still alive by the time the team get to the Star Chamber, that Rachel got infected in the Sacrificial Chamber and that Eric knows about the effects of the Ultraviolet light. If you then plead with Jason to not shoot Rachel, Eric will offer up to remove the parasite with the UV light. It works and then after a quick game of “find the parasite”, it ends up on the floor. Inspect it to uncover this secret.

Secret 39 – Infection Symptoms

As you control Nick for the first time in the Chasm, there are plenty of secrets you can uncover. There is one near the Vampire Speculations secret, further into the corner of the chasm, on the edge. It is located on a desk under a mug which you must remove to identify the secret.

Secret 40 – Finds Ledger

House of ashes secrets 31 - 40

When Jason and Salim have reached the bottom of the elevator, facing away from the elevator, you’ll want to turn left and make you way to a desk in the corner. On the desk is a ledger, which you can investigate. Turn the pages to unlock the secret.

And that’s it, you have now collected Secrets 31 – 40 in House of Ashes!

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