House of Ashes | Where to find all the Secrets

by on October 22, 2021

House of Ashes, like all the Supermassive Games titles in The Dark Pictures Anthology has plenty of collectible Secrets to find. They’re useful for piecing together the story of what is going on in each adventure. Like in Man of Medan or Little Hope, some of these Secrets are pretty well hidden in House of Ashes. But don’t worry we’ve collated all of them so you can complete your collection with ease. Read on to find all of the Secrets in the game.

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House of Ashes | Where to find all the Secrets

As there are 50 collectibles in House of Ashes, we’ve split them into groups of ten, based on their number in the game. This means you can quickly click to which ones you are missing and find out more information.


Click here for Secrets 1 – 10


Click here for Secrets 11 – 20


Click here for Secrets 21 – 30


Click here for Secrets 31 – 40


Click here for Secrets 41 – 50


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You can also check out our video review of House of Ashes below. It feels very different from other games by Supermassive Games in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Find out what you can expect in this spoiler-free review: