New Stacking DLC Revealed Inadvertently Through Achievement List

by on March 18, 2011

In a trend that is growing ever more common, an update to the achievement list on Xbox.com has revealed that a new pack of downloadable content is forthcoming for the latest title from Double Fine Games – Stacking. An update to Xbox.com has shown us that the new DLC will be entitled the Lost Hobo King and that it will feature four new Achievements to obtain. Mass Effect 2 DLC was recently outed by an update to the PlayStation Trophies listing in a similar fashion.

The new Achievements that are associated with the title update are as follows:

  • Super Tramp – Complete all Hi-jinks in the Lost Hobo King adventure 10G
  • Hobo Hustler – Find all unique dolls in the Lost Hobo King adventure 10G
  • King Maker – Complete the Lost Hobo King adventure 10G
  • Master Mendicant – Find all solutions to all of the Lost Hobo King challenges 20G

There is a character in the main game who is a Hobo of sorts – Levi. It appears that the new chapter will revolve around him and we look forward to finding out more detail soon, especially in regards to a release date and pricing.

Double Fine released StackingĀ on the PlayStation Network on February 8th in North America and February 9th in Europe, and on Xbox LIVE on February 9th Worldwide.