Total War Warhammer 3 Ogre Kingdoms guide

by on February 16, 2022

Compared to the other two humanoid armies, the Ogre Kingdoms of Total War: Warhammer 3 are barely civilised. Their army is built on the promise of meat and violence, which leads them to consume their enemies. They can also become famous amongst their own kind, earning what they call “Big Names” by performing impressive feats of war.

Read on for an overview of the Ogre Kingdoms and some tips on how to make the most out of this army.

Total War Warhammer 3 Ogre Kingdoms background

Ogres are a race of large humanoids, tough, viscious and always hungry. Semi-nomadic in nature, wandering Ogre tribes can be found wrecking their way across the known world, yet no matter how far away they may be, all Ogres consider the scattered tribal kingdoms that dominate the slopes and river valleys of the Mountains of Mourn to be their rightful, hard-earned homeland.

They fight as thugs, bandits and mercenaries, picking on the strong and the weak alike, battling mighty foes and powerful kingdoms thousands of leagues away. They do this for the alluring promise of gold, plunder and, most importantly, meat, for their endless destruction and looting serves only to appease their gluttonous appetites and their ever-hungry god, the Great Maw.

Faction Specialities


Deploy camps to create a forward base, constructing buildings and recruiting units from them.


Each army is sustained by Meat. Source it from fighting battles and being near camps.


Factions will issue you contracts, fulfill them to increase your standing.

Faction Lords

Greasus Goldtooth


Overtyrant Greasus Goldtooth is the fattest and most powerful Ogre Tyrant of all the Ogre Kingdoms. A master of bribery, the Overtyrant has always used his considerable wealth as a way to inspire greed and confusion amongst his enemies. Yet Greasus’ rampant success has not diminished his greed or his all-consuming desire to conquer everything he sees.

Faction effects

  • Diplomatic relations: +20 with Ogre Kingdoms
  • Income from trade: +25%
  • Unit mass: +25%

Lord effects

  • Income from raiding: +50% (Lord’s army)
  • Upkeep: -50% for Ironguts units (Lord’s army)
  • Income from sacking and looting settlements: +50% (Lord’s army)

Starting on Map

Skrag the Slaughterer

Disciples of the Maw

Skrag the Slaughterer is the legendary Prophet of the Great Maw, revered by many who see him as the living embodiment of their god. Dragging his massive meat-pot behind him, Skrag seeks out the brutal thrill of battle, hacking and ripping at his enemies in a glorious blood-fuelled dedication to the Great Maw.

Faction effects

  • Campaign movement range: +10% (all characters)
  • Hero capacity: +1 for Butchers
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Butchers

Lord effects

  • Casualty replenishment rate: +8% for Gorgers units (Lord’s army)
  • Upkeep: -50% for Gorgers units (Lord’s army)

Starting on Map

Total War Warhammer 3 Ogre Kingdoms Tips

Eat your meat: The Ogre Kingdoms have a few key differences to the other factions, the most prominent of which is their appetite. Meat gained in battle can be used to replenish units, or bolster your performance in the pre-battle screen. But it can also be sacrificed to the Great Maw, which confers bonuses such as increased damage, Leadership, or defence.

Earn a name: By completing certain feats, your Heroes and Lords will earn Big Names. These special titles confer permanent buffs to your stats, and are absolutely worth unlocking. You can see them on each Ogre’s character sheet, next to the Skills tab.

Get dug in: Ogres can make camp in any territory, whether they control it or not. Camps work like mini settlements, allowing you to recruit more exotic units as well as heroes and lords. Camps are also garrisoned, causing problems for your roving enemies. You’ll need to advance along the Technology tree to unlock the option to build multiple camps.

Don’t work for free: The Ogre Kingdoms can accept Contracts from other factions that reward money, meat and resources. These will often be the destruction of a specific city, or the assassination of a rival lord. Since you’re pillaging and looting anyway, it’s worth always having a contract assigned.