Forspoken | How to get Frey’s cat familiars

by on January 24, 2023

The over-arching story of Forspoken is one of magical conflict, sacrifice and accepting your own strengths. It’s a tale wrought with danger and fear, excitement and loss, about overcoming adversity and finding a place where you belong. Well, at least, that’s what the developers want you to think. What it’s really about is collecting magical multicoloured unicorn cats with wings and ram’s horns and little devil tails. But how do you go about setting up this sanctuary for fantastical felines? It takes a while, but it’s quite simple. Here’s how to get Frey’s cat familiars in Forspoken.

Forspoken | How to get Frey’s cat familiars

When you first begin to explore Forspoken’s open world, you’ll come across all manner of monuments, caves, ruins, and abandoned towns. The map is filled with icons denoting points of interest – but you’re looking for the ones shaped like little paw-prints.

These signify Tanta Familiar Monuments, where you can summon the pets of the various Tantas of Athia.

Forspoken cat familiars

How many cat familiars are there in Forspoken?

Over a dozen, scattered far and wide across the world. Finding them will take some time and a lot of exploration.

How do you get them to like you?

Taming them is easy enough. Once you find a Monument you perform a Cuff scan and locate the little fella. Usually they’ll be snoozing or preening on a nearby square of brickwork.

You must approach them carefully, and hold down L2 once you get close enough. This will make Frey crouch and creep (a skill that would be handy elsewhere in the game), so you can get close enough. If you make a sudden move the familiar will run, so take your time. If they see you and jump, just hold still until they settle again.

Forspoken cat familiars

Once you get close enough, press R2 to pet the cat and it will instantly warm to Frey before vanishing into thin air.

Forspoken | How to get Frey’s cat familiars – What now?

Well, that’s it, really. Each one you find will appear at every Pilgrim’s Refuge you find, or turn up in Frey’s room in Cipal. They don’t do anything except make your belly feel all warm and fuzzy, as they do cute cat things like scratch the wall, stick their nose in jars, or fly around in circles on their little wings. One will even curl up with Frey when she sleeps.

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