PowerWash Simulator update adds extra controller features on PS5 and Switch

by on September 2, 2023

Not even a day after PowerWash Simulator announced it’d be getting a Back to the Future pack, a major update has been released for the game.

Developer FuturLab has revealed that update 1.4 will add gyro controls for PS5 and Switch (long press L1 to activate the motion controls, which work along with the normal stick controls), but on PS5 you will also have adaptive trigger functionality meaning you get trigger resistance that “mirrors that of a real power washer”.

But that’s not actually it, there will also be Haptic Feedback now, and speaker implementation (on PS4 and PS5) which means that “sounds triggered by the player now come through the controller speaker, including placing equipment, changing nozzles, job complete and that all important ding”.


For everyone on other formats, there’s still goodies as part of the update 1.4 for PowerWash Simulator. There are three new jobs to tackle in the bonus jobs menu.

  • Clean The Excavator: Some hulking heavy machinery is blocking one of Muckingham’s picturesque picket-fence streets. Will you be the one to move it? Heck no. But will you clean it up? Heck yes.
  • Clean The Paintball Arena: We’ve been dye-ing to create this level since it was suggested in one of the Community Map Votes! Get ready to un-splat an arena caked in years of brightly-coloured ballistics.
  • Clean The Spanish Villa: ¡Vámonos! Unveil glorious mosaics and soak in the stunning lake-view at the home of one of Muckingham’s most eccentric residents.

There’s a whole load of bug fixes as well, and note that this latest part of The Muckingham Files for PowerWash Simulator is free and will add all of these new features to the game simply by players downloading the update. There’s no new achievements, however, and FuturLab also says “there are more free updates to PowerWash Simulator on the way as well as exciting collaborative paid Special Packs”.

PowerWash Simulator is out now for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.