Nobody Saves the World Dragon guide

by on January 18, 2022

Unlocking the Dragon in Nobody Saves the World, is the ultimate pinnacle. It is the final form you will unlock at it is literally a beast of a form. The Dragon is huge and commands respect, fully befitting the time it takes to unlock it. As you would expect the Dragon is armed with good stats as well as some fiery attacks and abilities which allow it to command the battlefield with ease. Despite this though it still takes some getting used to, to really get the most out of this form. Thankfully, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about this flying red beast, to make you a pro with the Dragon in Nobody Saves the World in no time.

General Info

Form Name: Dragon
Damage Type: Sharp
How to Unlock: Robot Rank C, Egg S, Necromancer Rank C

Signature Ability

  • Clawmbo: Tap Attack: Swing those giant claws. Restore 3 Mana. Hold Attack: Charge up a dash that leaves Burning lava in your wake. Lava deals Light damage. (Required Rank F)


  • Dragon’s Dread: +10% Crit chance vs baddies that have negative Status Effects applied (Passive) (Requires Rank F)
  • Fire Breath: Hold: Breath fire! Power and range start to dwindle after 1 sec. Builds +35 Burn. Reduced Move Speed -50%. (Active) (Requires Rank D)
  • Fire Ball: Tap: Blast a fiery Fire Ball. Hold: Fire Ball explodes, leaving a lava pool that builds Burn! Costs 45 Mana. (Active) (Requires Rank B)

Form Quests

  • Clawmbo I: Tap Attack to hit baddies with your Claws. 0/50 (20 FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank F)
  • Clawmbo II: Hold Attack to Burn baddies with your Clawmbo’s Flame Wing. 0/20 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Clawmbo I)
  • Clawmbo III: Crit burning baddies with your claws. 0/50 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Clawmbo II)
  • Dragon’s Dread: Crit Status-afflicted baddies with Clawmbo. Dragon’s Dread increases Crit % vs Status’d baddies. 0/15 (15 FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Fire Breath I: Burn baddies with Fire Breath. Hold to prolong Fire Breath for no extra Mana. 0/30 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Fire Breath II: Crit Burned baddies with Fire Breath. 0/50 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Fire Breath I)
  • Fire Breath III: Kill 8 baddies with one Fire Breath. 0/8 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Fire Breath II)
  • Custom I: Dark Wing Dragon: Hit baddies with Dark attacks. 0/50 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Custom I: Fireworks: Explode baddies with the Status ‘Splosion! Passive. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Fireball I: Hit baddies with Fireballs. 0/25 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank B)
  • Fireball II: Hit 3 baddies with a Fireball. Hold Fireball to charge 0/5 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Fireball I)
  • Fireball III: Hit MORE baddies with Fireball. 0/100 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Fireball II)
  • Custom II: Mecha Dragon: Hit Status-afflicted baddies with Robot’s Tempest Barrage. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom II: 1000 Year Nap: Heal yourself with abilities. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom III: Oh, it does both: Use Fire Breath to inflict a status other than Burn. 0/30 (50FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: 1000 Year Nap)
  • Custom III: Dragon’s Crowd: Kill baddies while Familiars are Summoned. 0/25 (50FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: Mecha Dragon)

Form Quests


Using the Dragon in Nobody Saves the World is just so satisfying, especially knowing how challenging it can be to unlock. Its great hulking mass flying about shooting fire is a sight to behold. Clawmbo is a useful and powerful melee attack, that when charged also creates lava to cause your enemies even more problems. The fun really begins though when you begin using Fire Breath. As you would expect, not only does this do decent AoE damage in front of you, but also inflicts the Burn status, causing residual further damage to enemies, like Poison. You can hit enemies from further away in a similar fashion with Fireball, as that creates an area of lava that will also inflict Burn. And as if you needed any further help, the passive Dragon’s Dread ability increases your Crit chance by 10% on status-inflicted enemies. This is perfect for when enemies are burning all around you as you have an increased chance of dealing even more damage.