Nintendo eShop Summer Sale includes discounts on Diablo, Rabbids, Lego Star Wars, and more

by on June 9, 2023

The Nintendo eShop is having a pretty massive sale right now, with discounts on some major titles that are still pretty new and include some discounts of 50% off and even higher, and the sale is running right now until June 25th.

For example, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is currently on sale for £24.99 (50% off) until June 25th, and that’s well worth a look, going by our review, where I said it “is a fun, better balanced sequel, with clever ideas and bags of customisation and variety that make it an easy recommendation. This is a series I truly hope continues in the future, and despite a few bugs, it feels polished and looks better than it has any right to on the big screen”.


You can check out the entire Nintendo eShop Summer Sale at this link, but we’ve highlighted some of the top deals, below.

It Takes Two £26.24 (25% off). Our game of the year winner for 2021, scoring 10/10 with Chris White saying it’s “without a doubt one of the best platformers I’ve played in the last decade. The level design is incredible, and the amount of ideas in terms of its co-operative elements make every second of it so much fun to play”.

LEGO City Undercover £7.49 (85% off). A classic fun game. A bit older now, but almost anyone who plays it, loves it.

Diablo II: Resurrected £11.49 (67% off). It’s Diablo. Nuff said.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga £19.99 (60% off).

Hades £11.24 (50% off). If you don’t yet own this, you can apologise now.

There’s loads more though, as we say, with SteamWorld Dig available for under £2, Cuphead for a tenner, BioShock: The Collection, Borderlands Legendary Collection, Gerda: A Flame In Winter, Dead Cells, and even the phenomenal Diablo III is at a discounted price. If you do pick something up, perhaps come join our community and tell us all about it in our Discord!