Remnant 2 | How to beat Gwendil: The Unburnt

by on July 21, 2023

Gwendil: The Unburnt is a boss from the Losomn (Dran) area of Remnant 2, and can be found in Cotton’s Kiln. She can be quite a tricky boss, due to the nature of the arena, her attacks and your limited window to actually damage her. As such you may find yourself in need of a tip or two to best her.

Here at God is a Geek, we’ve beaten Gwendil: The Unburnt, and here’s everything you need to know to beat her too in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 | How to beat Gwendil: The Unburnt

The boss arena

The first thing you need to get your head around for this boss is the arena, how to navigate it, and what it means. Gwendil, and some of her friends, stand atop some raised walls, which frustratingly you cannot access. Your option instead is to run around the edge of these buildings and shoot Gwendil from afar when the angle is right. You can also run through the middle of the arena too, but this does leave you quite open to attacks from multiple sides, so it is advised to stick to the edges.

Gwendil’s attacks

The attacks of Gwendil are actually fairly simple. She will throw explosive bombs at you, with blistering accuracy, sometimes almost frustratingly good accuracy. These bombs explode and cause a small explosion of fire, which you will want to dodge roll away from as best you can. Sometimes Gwendil will even throw multiple bombs at you at once, and this is your cue to move quickly to escape the range of explosions.

Fire kills!

Fire damage is the order of the day here from Gwendil, so firstly you may want to consider bulking yourself up against Fire damage at Ward 13 before you take her own. Purchasing the Bruiser armour set for example should give you a nice boost to Fire damage. Fire causes the Burn debuff which gradually causes you to lose health. Dodge roll to significantly reduce the time you are on fire, and stop the health depletion. Also not, not only can you catch fire from the explosions of Gwendil’s bombs and from the enemies that put themselves on fire, but there are also patches of oil on the floor dotted around the arena, which if ignited will also cause you to catch fire if you touch them. So watch out for all these dangers, and whenever you are on fire, roll away quickly.

Clear the way

There’s a lot to consider with bombs flying around and fire everywhere, but the last thing you need are grunt enemies causing you more hassle. Try and keep distance between you and Gwendil (head to the other side of the arena) and take out grunts as soon as you see them, to give you some breathing space. Also, remember that Gwendil’s gun-toting friends on the buildings also respawn over time, so keep a lookout for them as well. You’ll have a much easier time when you can just focus on dealing damage to Gwendil, so clear everything else out first to give you a clear shot.

Shoot and run

You need to keep moving during much of this fight so that you avoid the damage from Gwendil’s bombs. Once you’re safe it’s worth peeking up to spot Gwendil and taking some shots at her before moving again before her bomb explodes in your face. If you can aim for her head for extra damage, then do so, or even better, try and shoot the bomb she holds before throwing it. It will explode in her hand, and deal good damage to her as well as meaning she isn’t throwing it your way.

It will take time and patience, but Gwendil: The Unburnt in Remnant 2 will go down eventually if you play it safe and sensible. You’ll be rewarded with a Trait Point and some Alkahest Powder for your trouble.





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