Remnant 2 | How to beat Root Mantis

by on July 21, 2023

The Root Mantis is the first boss you will come across in Remnant 2, and beating it can prove a little tricky. Whilst it serves as a tutorial boss before you get to the game proper, you’ve had very little time to understand Remnant 2’s mechanics and controls before you’re thrown into this boss fight. As such it can feel a little overwhelming.

But worry not, here at God is a Geek, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to beat the Root Mantis in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 | How to beat Root Mantis

You’re not alone

The first thing to bear in mind in this fight, is thankfully you have some NPC teammates to help you. Not only will they be firing at the Root Mantis, to help you take it down, but they’ll also, crucially be distracting it for portions of the fight, and that gives you some room to breathe and plan what to do next. Make the most of the moments where the Root Mantis is not attacking you and focussing on someone else, to your advantage. Take a moment to reload your weapon, get yourself well-positioned out of a corner, and make sure you land those shots.

Keep your distance

Remnant 2 is a shooter, and as such it makes sense to keep your distance from the Root Mantis and shoot from afar. Not only does this keep you relatively safe, but it also gives you a chance to react. The Root Mantis is surprisingly quick for a boss, and when it has its eye on you, can close you down very quickly, so keep an eye on this and be ready to move and maintain your distance for the duration.

Remember to dodge

Dodging is vital in Remnant 2 and the Root Mantis is a good a lesson as any in that regard. Not only might you need to dodge out of the way if the Root Mantis bears down on your quicker than you expected, but you’ll also need to look out for the Root Mantis’ ranged attack. It will frequently spit at you and with surprising accuracy, so be sure to watch out for this and dodge roll to the side.

Take your time

At this stage in the game, you haven’t got a reliable healing method, so your life bar is precious. So whilst it can be tempting to brute force your way through, it’s better to dodge and keep your distance, because it’ll mean that you actually survive the fight. Wait for the openings between its attacks or when it is focussed on a teammate to let loose with your gun. Take your time and the Root Mantis should go down.

And that’s it, you have successfully taken down the Root Mantis in Remnant 2.





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