Remnant 2 | How to beat Kaeula’s Shadow

by on July 22, 2023

Kaeula’s Shadow is a major boss fight in Remnant 2 that you won’t immediately know how to reach. You’ll find her in the Kaeula’s Rest dungeon in Yaesha. She’s a colossal Root-infected beast that can do serious damage and may take a few attempts – especially given how the fight starts. But worry not, for we have the guide to help you beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 | How to reach Kaeula’s Shadow

When you enter the Kaeula’s Rest area you’ll soon come to a huge body of water. You can run in it, but some areas are very deep and will slow you down. Push through the area, and you’ll enter the labyrinthine pathways of the dungeon. Here you’ll face ranged enemies and hulking brutes who will hit from a distance and can infect you with Root Rot.

Cure it with Oilskin Balm, which you can buy from Reggie in Ward 13 only after you’ve found it in a random chest in Yaesha. Alternatively, Bedel the Vaunnt (the Root-infected Pan you meet when you enter The Forbidden Grove area) sells the Rotward ring for 500 scrap that prevents Root Rot build up.

Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow

Eventually you’ll reach a huge statue with a ring at its base called the Tear of Kaeula. Take it, and then take a deep breath. You’ll be immediately grabbed by a huge tentacle and pulled through the floor, into the area – the body of water you crossed earlier.

The boss arena

The arena is half the fight. Not only are you wading through water, there are occasional deep spots that will severely hamper your movement. There’s also no cover from the boss, so you will need to try to avoid her attacks with well-timed evades.

This is a tough fight, partly because you may not be at full strength when it begins. If you die, you’ll respawn at the area’s first crystal right outside the room.

Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow

Kaeula’s Shadow attacks

Kaeula will attack with tentacle slams that deal damage and stagger you, or can knock you down under the water, slowing your recovery. She will occasionally burrow her tentacles, which will burst up below you. After a few minutes, she’ll dig down under the water, and spawn a bunch of tentacles with their own shared health bar. Take them out, avoiding their slam attacks. Be aware that it’s not easy to move in here.

When she resurfaces, Kaeula’s Shadow will be right on you. She will tentacle slam, and when you get some distance she’ll usually sweep her tentacle across the water, creating a wave that will knock you on your butt. Heal when you can, and keep targeting her head and chest with your attacks. When she dies, you’ll receive a Trait Point and the Twilight Dactylus crafting material.

Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow

A gift that keeps on giving

You’ll also walk away with the Tear of Kaeula, a ring that grants you two extra Relic uses when equipped. This is essential early on, but it has more than one use. Continue playing and you’ll eventually reach the Far Woods, one of the areas where the Blood Moon can spawn to farm material for the Summoner Archetype.

You’ll eventually come upon a huge glowing tree. The spirit residing within, Meidra, is Kaeula’s sister. Not only does he give you a reward  for answering her questions (we got the Barkskin Trait card for our answers), but she’ll also reward you with a powerful handgun if you give up the ring. Remember, if you don’t have the ring the next time you beat Kaeula’s Shadow, you will receive another copy of it.

So there you go: that’s how you beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2.





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