Remnant 2 | How to beat Shrewd

by on July 22, 2023

Shrewd is a pretty tough Remnant 2 boss that you can stumble upon in the Expanding Glade in Yaesha. He’s an archer that does powerful ranged and melee attacks, spawns adds, and – worst of all – can infect you with Root Rot. But don’t worry, we’re here to tell you exactly how to beat Shrewd in Remnant 2.

The boss arena

Like many boss arenas in Remnant 2, Shrewd fights in a doughnut-shaped area with a central tree that you can use for cover. There are no fall points here, and if you stick close to the tree you should be able to avoid most of his ranged attacks.

Remnant 2 Shrewd

Shrewd’s attacks

Shrewd has two primary attacks: first, he’ll stand back on one of the three raised cliff-edges around the arena and hit you with arrows. They have a loud audio-cue when he fires, so use the tree for cover or roll to avoid. He’ll also shoot his arrows into the air, and when they land they’ll create AoE pools of Root Rot.

After a few volleys, he will teleport up close to you. When he does this, get ready to move fast. His melee attacks are swift and devastating. He’ll only hang around for a few combos, and then he will teleport back to a ledge. When he does this, eggs will burst from the ground and you only have a few seconds to destroy them before they spawn adds. Make sure to reload immediately after his melee phase and take the eggs out quickly.

Avoid Root Rot!

The biggest issue with the Shrewd fight is that he will infect you with Root Rot if he hits you multiple times. This is a horrible affliction that reduces your stamina bar and causes you to cough every 10 seconds, interrupting any action you’re performing, including evading or reloading.

Remnant 2 Shrewd

Cure it with Oilskin Balm, which you can buy from Reggie in Ward 13 only after you’ve found it in a random chest in Yaesha. Alternatively, Bedel the Vaunnt (the Root-infected Pan you meet when you enter The Forbidden Grove area) sells the Rotward ring for 500 scrap that prevents Root Rot build up.

Move fast, avoid the pools of Root Rot, and take out the eggs as quickly as possible. Shrewd himself is fairly easy to hit when he’s on one of the ledges, but avoid him when he comes close. The Time Lapse weapon mod doesn’t seem to have much effect on him, either, so you’re best off simply evading until he gets bored and buggers off.

And that’s how you beat Shrewd in Remnant 2. His defeat will reward you with a Trait Point and Soul Sliver crafting material.




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