Remnant 2 | How to beat The Abomination

by on July 22, 2023

The Abomination can be the first main boss in Remnant 2 if you roll the Seeker’s Rest start in N’Erud. You’ll find the seething mass in the Putrid Domain dungeon, but you may have come across smaller versions beforehand in the Phantom Wasteland or Abyssal Rift. It’s not a particularly tough boss, comparatively speaking, but it can be infuriating if you face it early before you have a decent arsenal.

The boss arena

You’ll fight the Abomination in a fairly enclosed area that’s several kinds of gross all at once. It squeezes its bulk through a sewer opening and immediately begins its assault. Because the arena is small, getting some distance can be tricky – especially when it starts spawning adds. There’s a central pillar that allows you some cover if you need to reload or heal.

The Abomination’s attacks

For the first half of its health bar, the Abomination is just a bully. It will roll at you with impressive speed, dealing massive damage. Up close it will perform a combo of three swipes followed by a ground slam that causes Curse build up. It will also occasional hjurl explosive canisters at you that you’ll need to avoid. Periodically, adds will spawn, which can be a pain if you’re solo. A Handler has an advantage here, because your dog can keep the adds busy while you focus on the boss.

In the back half of its health bar the Handler will start using psychic abilities to levitate, shield itself, and throw chunks of debris at you. It will also build up a huge Curse pulse that you can hide from behind the central pillar in the room.

Remnant 2 The Abomination

Break its shell

If you look closely, you’ll see that the Abomination is covered in huge metal plates. Shoot these off to uncover explosive canisters embedded in its flesh. Explode these to deal damage and expose pulsating purple weak points you can exploit. Popping the canisters will stagger it, exposing those weak points for a few seconds.

Use the environment!

Try to keep your distance from the Abomination where possible. Weapon Mods like Caltrops and Time Lapse work very well to slow it down. The central pillar in the room is your best friend, especially when the Abomination is airborne. Use it to heal, reload, and just to grab some cover when it starts vibrating and glowing purple.

You’ll also note explosive canisters lodged in the floor. Pop these at the right moment to damage the beast and knock it off-course if it’s mid-roll.

Stay mobile, keep damage consistent and watch your ammo, and you’ll take down the Abomination in Remnant 2 in no time. For beating it, you’ll recieve a Trait Point and a Mutated Growth crafting material.





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