Nobody Saves the World Mermaid guide

by on January 18, 2022

Far from the beautiful myths of old, the Mermaid is a grotesque being in Nobody Saves the World. Like Turtle – perhaps unsurprisingly – she can also swim, which gives her more traversal options than most other forms. Don’t let her frail form deceive you though as the Mermaid is a solid combination of speed and defence with some moves that can deal with most situations with ease. She may not be the strongest form but she has exceptional resilience and can still pack a punch if used properly. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mermaid in Nobody Saves the World.

General Info

Form Name: Mermaid
Damage Type: Light
How to Unlock: Slug Rank C

Signature Ability

  • Water Burst: A water projectile that does splash damage to nearby baddies. Hold: Charge larger splash attacks. Restores +5 Mana. (Required Rank F)


  • Mermaid’s Resolve: 4% of damage you take is restored as Mana. (Passive) (Requires Rank F)
  • Tail Swipe: Swing your tail at baddies and push yourself towards them. Does 30 base damage. Costs 25 Mana. (Active) (Requires Rank D)
  • Aqua Barrier: Block 1 attack with a water barrier. Deflect 25% of blocked damage. Cooldown: 4.0 sec. Costs 20 Mana. (Active) (Requires Rank B)

Form Quests

  • Water Burst I: Hit baddies with Water Burst. 0/100 (20FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank F)
  • Water Burst II: Hold and release attack to knock baddies back with Water Burst. 0/100 (15FP, 50 XP) (Requires Water Burst I)
  • Water Burst III: Hit 4 baddies with one Water Burst. 0/20 (15FP, 50 XP) (Requires Water Burst II)
  • Swimmingly Swim: Swim around in water. 0/100 (5 FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank F)
  • Mermaid’s Resolve: Recover Mana with Mermaid’s Resolve by taking damage. 0/100 (10FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Tail Swipe I: Flop around on land with Tail Swipe 15 times. 0/15 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires D Rank)
  • Tail Swipe II: Hit baddies with Tail Swipe. 0/50 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Tail Swipe I)
  • Tail Swipe III: Hit 4 baddies with one Tail Swipe. 0/20 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Tail Swipe II)
  • Custom I: Dark Maw: Break enemy Wards with Sharp or Dark damage. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Custom I: Aqueous Ailment: Inflict Status Effects with Water Burst. 0/15 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Aqua Barrier I: Block attacks from different baddies with Aqua Barrier. 0/5 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank B)
  • Aqua Barrier II: Hit baddies with Aqua Barrier. Block an attack to reflect damage. 0/50 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Aqua Barrier I)
  • Aqua Barrier III: Block attacks with Aqua Barrier successfully 6 times in a row. 0/5 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Aqua Barrier II)
  • Custom II: Mermaid’s Gotta Eat: Regain Mana with Rat’s Scavenge. 0/150 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom II: Strong Tail: Hit baddies with Impact damage. 0/50 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom III: Siren’s Storm: Kill 12 baddies in one Robot’s Tempest Barrage. 0/12 (50FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: Mermaid’s Gotta Eat)
  • Custom III: Strong Torrent: Kill baddies with Water Burst while you have an Attack UP Buff. 0/30 (50FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: Strong Tail)

Nobody Saves the World Mermaid guide


As a swimmer, the Mermaid joins the Turtle as a versatile traversal option. Combat-wise, the Mermaid has some good offensive options. Her Water Burst can be fired or charged depending on the situation offering you versatility. Her Tail Swipe gives you a Blunt option to attack enemies with as well as a lunge to close distances to ranged attackers. What’s more, is that Mermaid’s Resolve will reward you for your aggression with additional Mana to spend here. Aside from the offense of Tail Swipe, you also get the defensive option of Aqua Barrier which can block and deflect damage back to enemies. This is great as a reactionary ability to conserve your health, with the added bonus of a bit of damage too.