Remnant 2 | How to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype

by on July 23, 2023

Remnant 2 is the kind of game that aims to cater to everyone’s playstyle, whether you want to push the DPS, heal your teammates, or just forge your path alone through its various post-apocalyptic worlds. Primarily, it does this with Archetypes, classes that decide your starting gear and form the backbone of any build. These character classes can completely change the way you play and prioritise certain items. One of the best in the game is the Gunslinger, a ranged DPS class that focuses on ammo reserves and increased rate of fire. Read on to find out how to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 | How to find the Gunslinger Archetype

The quickest way to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype is to pre-order Remnant 2. However, while this gives access as a starting Archetype, you will still need to unlock it if you started with one of the others. And while it’s technically very easy, it does take a while.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger

First you’ll need to finish the first world in your campaign, which means killing the first world boss and being transported to the Labyrinth. Once you’ve done that, head back to Ward 13 and go talk to Mudtooth. You’ll find him playing chess with Reggie. Now you need to get him to tell stories – and we mean all of his stories. He has around a dozen, and you’ll need to keep asking him to tell more until he says he’s run out. This takes a long, long time, even if you skip through them. Eventually he’ll just run out.

Now you need to go and play. He wouldn’t tell us any more stories until we finished our third world boss, at which point he opened up again to tell a few more. It takes less time to exhaust him than before, and when he finishes he’ll give you a Rusty Cylinder for being a good listener. Take this up to Wallace with 1500 scrap and 10 Lumenite Crystals to receive the Iron Cylinder. Equip it to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype.

What is the Gunslinger Archetype?

As the name suggests, this Archetype is all about the shooting. It focuses on sustained DPS, team ammunition conservation, and quick, hard damage when necessary. It’s also ridiculously cool, the stylish High Noon Duds gear allowing you to live out all your Wild West fantasies. Well, most of them.

It’s incredibly effective when paired with the Hunter Archetype once you can slot two, as the combination of high damage, range, fire rate and extra ammo makes for a lethal cocktail.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger

The Gunslinger also has a set of intrinsic perks that boost their abilities, as follows:

Prime Perk: Loaded
When activating any Gunslinger skill, both weapons are instantly reloaded, and gain infinite ammo for 5 seconds.

Skill 1: Quick Draw
Pull out your trusty side piece and unload up to 6 Critical Shots from the hip. Each shot deals 85.5 base damage and double Stagger value.

Press to instantly fire towards all enemies in view within 25m. Upon release, rounds will be divided equally among targets. Hold and release to manually aim and fire one single powerful shot on release.

Skill 2: Sidewinder
Calls upon the power of the Desert Sidewinder snake to increase ADS movement speed and Draw/Swap speed by 50%. Cycling weapons will automatically reload incoming firearms. Lasts 12 seconds.

Skill 3: Bulletstorm
Unleashes the full power and speed of the Gunslinger. Increases Fire Rate by 20% and Reload Speed by 50% for all ranged weapons. Lasts 20 seconds.

Single shot weapons become fully automatic. Kills instantly reload the current weapon. Instead of becoming fully automatic, bows and crossbows gain 15% Critical Chance and 50% increased Projectile Speed.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger

The Gunslinger also comes with the Ammo Reserves Trait card that increases your ammo reserves, naturally.

Swift Shot: Gain 6% Fire Rate and 10% Ranged Damage. Increases with Gunslinger level.

Posse Up: Ammo pickups award 20% additional ammo per player with the bonus split evenly among teammates.

Quick Hands: Firearms gain 10% Reload Speed.

Sleight of Hand: Using a Relic reloads equipped Firearm.

And now you know how to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2. Why not check out the rest of our Remnant 2 guides while you’re here, including how to unlock the Explorer Archetype. If you’re struggling with a particular boss, check out our Remnant 2 Boss Guides for help.




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